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I'm just bringing myself up to speed with the NEW Country Attire website, and believe me; there's an awful lot of new stuff to take on board. But don't worry, we've only made these changes so you, our customers, get the very finest online experience and our technical people have made it all work fantastically well. Try clicking on the new Barbour Children's Video in the scrolling banner near the top of the Home page - You'll LOVE it, guaranteed!!

I know a lot of you won't see much difference, after all, on your computer screen it's still a white page with a lot of logos and pictures and writing on it, but if you give me a minute or two, I'll help you understand how the new website works and why, we at Country Attire, decided to update the website in such a radical way.

The answer to that last question is easy; we enhanced the website to improve Customer Service. We set out more than 10 years ago to be the best online country clothing store in the world - No half measures here! But how do you, our customers, measure how good we really are? What makes us different, and better than the hundreds of other country clothing stores you will find online and on the high street? The answer is, and always will be, Customer Service - the experience our customers have in acquiring from us the product they desire.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Let me tell you, IT IS NOT!  It is so much more than having the world's finest countrywear and accessories in one place, or a nice person talking to you when you contact us, or getting your order to you the next day, or having a huge range of detailed photographs and information about the product you want. It is of course ALL of these things but much, much more, like holding enormous stocks of almost everything, so your order is on it's way to you literally within minutes of you placing your order, like delivering free anywhere, so that the price you see on screen is ALL that you pay, or like having free* returns if for ANY reason the product's not quite what you had in mind, or understanding you in your own language when you contact us. Most of this has been part of our standard service for years and we are not going to change any of it now, because you love it!

What is new is the immediate interactivity of the website. I know, when you hear words like 'interactivity' you're reaching for the off button, but stop! All it means is that you can tell instantly whether we have the garment you're looking for in stock in your size and colour. We call this 'Live Stock'. On the rare occasions we haven't got an item in stock, this usually means we've had an unusual 'run' on the product and our buyers are already on the case replenishing stock. So if you simply MUST HAVE that item, and soon, just hit the item you want and a message will come up asking for your contact details so we can let you know the instant the item's back in stock.

Another new service is what we call 'Cat Walk'. This is a little video clip of the product you're looking at being modelled, showing how the garment actually looks on a real person. Just click on the VIEW CATWALK button to see a 15 second all round display. We've done this on as many products as possible, but it's already proved to be a firm favourite, and you don't get this service when you're shopping at the mall. You can also see a series of hi-resolution images of the product and you can zoom in on any detail.

Then we have very generous FREE GIFT offers on many of our Barbour products when you spend over £150. These gifts are not cheap gimmicks but genuine Barbour products and you can choose from a great range of scarves, hats, gloves and socks, or even have two if your order qualifies!

Oh, and how could I forget 'Filterable Search'? OK, this is beginning to sound a bit geeky again, but wait! All this is is a very quick way of finding what you want among the thousands of products on the site. What you do is this; at the top over every Country Attire web page is a box like this with a magnifying glass symbol. Just type in the box what you're looking for and the search will go through the entire site to find matches to the 'word(s)' you've typed there. For instance; if you type in 'quilt' a drop-down box will appear with about 30 items listed. Simply click your mouse on the item that most closely matches your quest and you'll be taken straight to that page - Like the meerkat says "Simples".

You can sign up for your own Country attire account if you think, and we hope you will, you'll want to contact us again. With this you can opt to receive our newsletter with hot topics in countrywear fashion and new accessories and ranges.

If there's anything at all that you are not sure about or you need to ask any question, use LIVE CHAT. This is a great service that operates 09.00 to 21.00 GMT where you can immediately send a text message from your computer to a real live person who knows everything to do with Country Attire. You can strike up quite a conversation if you like, and don't worry if your typing is a bit slow, our guys can cope. Ask any question you like and our friendly, and widely multi-lingual, operatives will find an answer for you and text back an answer, usually immediately - unless you've asked them something really challenging, like; "What is the secret of the Universe?"

And finally, right at the bottom of every page is a bit that looks like this....

Here you can meet us on Facebook and Twitter or even RSS Feed or better still, read one of my own enormously informative and entertaining CA Blogs, by simply clicking on the appropriate buttons. Below this are listed all those bits of information you may want to know about sizing and gifts wrapping and delivery and guarantees, etc. Finally there's confirmation that our site is safe and secure for credit or debit card transactions from anywhere in the world.

So there we have it. I do hope you enjoy our new website, it's taken a great deal of time and thought and enormous technical development to get it up and running, but we're pleased with the result and so far we've had a lot of enthusiastic compliments from our recent customers, but we would love to know what YOU think?

*currently only in the UK (but we're working on it)