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Guys, here are a few ideas for that special person this Christmas


The run-up to Christmas is always the busiest time of year for us at Country Attire as we're shipping loads of British country clothing all over the world. There seems to be a real taste for 'good taste' everywhere, even in these hard times of global recession, and the brands we sell personify these essential values. We are of course delighted with this success but we are not surprised, "quality will out" as they say, and British quality is back where it ought to be at the forefront of the world's 'must haves'. As you may know, all our stocks are authentic British brands for whom we are official stockists. We don't, and indeed can't, discount these products, although occasionally we will agree a 'special offer' on new products or an end-of-line range. Our constant watchword is Customer Service; being able to say almost invariably, 'Yes we have that in stock'. This, together many free gifts of top quality accessories, our free delivery anywhere, plus free UK return service, make us the preferred country clothing store for thousands of loyal customers who come back to us again and again.

Anyway, enough of the commercial - listen up guys!

There's still time for all you 'last minute' blokes who are just too busy with stuff to spare a thought for the one you love. (I can just hear my own lovely wife J shouting Hypocrite! as she reads this). If you're quick you still have time to get something really special and earn yourself an awful lot of Brownie points this Christmas. Now then, pay attention, how about.....



 .......or if she's into the footwear, how about.....


......then there's the very cool and sexy LiBErty FREEdom range. I'm going to say 'tweed' now and some of you guys are going to freak out. But don't worry, we know what we're talking about; this tweed isn't the abrasive stuff Colonel Black used to wear while out shootin'. No, THIS is the 'poodle's privates' of tweed, cut and styled by a guy who just knows what the makes a girl look and feel fabulous. Not cheap, but remember those Brownie Points? You'll Love her in this, and she'll love you for it too!





























If you can't see what you like just CLICK HERE to go straight through to the LiBErty FREEdom pages where there are dozens of super sexy tweeds  as skirts, waistcoats, minis, jackets, trousers and coats, all of which she will adore - guaranteed!

Then there are bags and bags of Accessories. I know things are tight for a lot of us right now and maybe the stuff above is a bit out of reach? OK, but it doesn't mean you should skimp on quality and a smaller, less expensive gift from the 'right' brand will be treasured just as much.  Cashmere is amazing and we have some really nice leather goods ranging from purses to handbags to briefcases. Check out the Welly range from Hunter too: there's such a range of colours and styles she will absolutely cherish. Here's are a couple of ideas but CLICK HERE to see a whole lot more.....














And finally guys, while you are thumbing through our webpages, why not have a look for something for yourself? Yes, I can see you in one of those really cool new JP Brooke jackets in...... Black? No, I think you'll look absolutely hunky in Olive - it matches your eyes!


Happy Christmas from everyone at



Thank you for all your support this year, thank you for reading our blogs, and let me wish you a fantastic New Year for 2012. We look forward to hearing from you again next year.