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Embracing Change

Changes are afoot here at Country Attire. After a year in a dimly lit cell, I’ve been brought into the light and exalted to a proper desk in a proper office surrounded by people being creative in their own very different ways……... and some of them are GIRLS, so I’d better watch my P’s & Q’s, not to mention a few F’s & B’s!

This is really nice; a suitable environment for an inspired talent such as mine. I can already feel new sources of inspiration welling up from who knows where? I just hope that they won’t mind sharing their space with an old f*** who's at least 20 years their senior. I can now see directly out of a window at the nearby hills and dales of the Peak District, instead of the glimmer of daylight filtering down from a lofty arrow slit, high in the tower wherein I was previously incarcerated. I hope my readers will be awestruck by a new vibrancy and texture to my work resulting from this change, as we must embrace change and never become entrenched in the status quo.

I had previously shared my cell with the IT team. The IT guys are a pallid bunch with the complexion of submariners, and strangely, all of whom are called Andy. They appear to communicate in binary pulses of code with a sound akin to that of dolphins, gazing at giant black screens displaying long strings of  green and red characters, reflecting an eerie glow upon their intense faces. They work to the sound of loud music of a hoarse and tuneless variety, by such memorable tunesters as The Children of Bodom or Iron Maiden. Here, and I hesitate to apply the epithet, the ‘singer’ appears to be wishing to communicate his angst and obvious pain, with a strained, throaty and sustained scream of defiance and obscenity. To this day, after months of exposure, I am no wiser as to the lyrics of these ‘songs’ and, I suspect, were I to have their lyrics before me, I would have issues about the syntax and grammar thereof. No matter; in the IT team a heartier group of fine fellows would be hard to assemble, and happily, they too have been coaxed, blinking and cowering from their dim compartment to join me in the sunlit vaults of our new workplace, where they will find it necessary to apply factor 100 sun cream to their pale and blistering pelts.

I say ‘sunlit heights’ with some irony! The UK is suffering the wettest, coldest summer anyone can remember, as cold, dank day follows cold, dank day. The laughable national obsession with ‘the hosepipe ban’ has been overturned so the government is now encouraging citizens to connect their hoses together in great lengths in an attempt to empty reservoirs into the sea. I just hope the weather improves before the London 2012 Olympics start, or they are going to be known as the Swampy Games.

The awful weather does have an upside however, and embarrassingly we at Country Attire are enjoying excellent sales as our customers equip themselves for yet another ‘perfect’ English summer. One has to remember that the superb quality outdoor clothing and footwear we purvey, only became as good as it is by being tested over centuries of bloody awful British weather. It also probably gave rise to that endearing British trait of ‘making the best of it’, which, I’m sure, also led to our sardonic humour, easy self-mockery and our complex irony; not to mention our propensity toward bronchitis and influenza – I not sure, but this might be what’s referred to as ‘British Phlegm’!

However, with all the Country Attire creative people now being gathered together in our new centre, it will I’m sure bring greater focus to what we’re about. We can communicate better and innovation and ideas can be aired and discussed informally, with observations coming sometimes from sources previously uninvolved. I think we might enjoy this arrangement...... or possibly send the cocky interloper away with 'flea in their ear'!

Oh yes, I thought I’d let you know we are now stocking Loake Shoes; one of the most famous brands in English handmade shoemaking, with a history going back 130 years. Proudly bearing the Queen’s Royal Warrant, in line with several of our other British brands, this truly superb footwear is stylish yet classic, contemporary but comfortable, with an unwavering accent on quality, excellence and finish. Each pair actually takes eight weeks to make, and Loake still believe there is no finer way to make a gentleman's shoe. Yes ladies I did say ‘gentleman’s’ as I’m afraid these are exclusively men’s shoes, so if you have a man in your life who might appreciate the good things in life, he will love you forever for such an, albeit expensive, but thoughtful gift. I’d certainly like a pair myself. (hint)

Here are just a few of the ones we have in stock right now...