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Father's Day

What is a father? For me it is who I am, what I am, what I want to be. I will not apologise for being your father, for being adult when necessary. I will make decisions I believe are correct as your father, not as your friend. I will love you unconditionally. I will protect you until my last breath. I will respect you and demand your respect of me. I will educate you; not because I am more intelligent than you, but because I am more experienced, and because, having made mistakes and learned from them, I want you to avoid them. I will financially support you. I will encourage you to dream and believe in the greatness that is within you. I will push you to be the best you can be, what you want to be, not what I think you should be. I will accept your individuality, your life choices and will not judge you, I will just love you. This I swear to you! This I promise! I dedicated my life to you on the day you were born. You will always be my first priority. I will never abandon you. Because I am your father.

This statement is paraphrased and distilled from a letter a father wrote to his daughter on the day she was born. I reproduce it here as it encapsulates in a paragraph the essence of fatherhood. I think it's occasionally important to re-state what we already know, which might have slipped from our attention, superseded by the imperatives of every day. Children are each unique and wonderful, and those of us privileged to become parents should remember that, even when the little blighters are really getting on our nerves!

I’m a father and also a grandfather and so I’m looking forward to Father’s Day next weekend, Sunday June 17th, when my family might indulge my meagre desires – they usually come up trumps. But thinking about this celebration I wondered where it might have come from. I don’t remember celebrating Father’s Day with my father during my formative years, and it was only around the 1970s when the event seems to have become popular.

You don’t have to look too far for its origins; as you might expect it comes from across the ‘pond’, when the US gift and greeting card industry sold the idea to the land of the free, with apparently very little effort at all. It was put forward as a balancing event for the more historically and religiously legitimate Mother’s Day in March. They probably saw their revenues dipping around mid-summer. So a June boost to sales was desirable and lucrative. The UK gift and greeting card industry soon saw the potential, and Father’s Day is now firmly established on the UK calendar.

To be fair, in these days of equality, it’s only right that we proper fathers should receive some acknowledgement for our role in the family, provided they actually perform a useful function. As fathers we ought to be a vital cog in the home and family, and although the girls are battering down the last bastions of maleness with their incessant demands for equivalence, we must hang on to some shred of masculinity if only for our self-respect. But there are some lazy articles out there, with their backsides stuck to their sofas like 'Velcro'; little parodies of TV's Jim Royle - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

But sometimes I think the pendulum may well have swung too far in favour of the ladies. Why should they want equality anyway – they’ve always been superior? So whether or not we fathers have a historical or religious right to such a celebration, I think most of us deserve a little appreciation.

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Come on, let's hear it for the Dads!!!