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Country Attire on the 2012 FAST TRACK 100


This is Thursday; an immaculate frosty morning with the moon mirrored in the lake in our valley - it turned out to be a very good day because...

I’m delighted to be able to tell you that Country Attire has just won a place on the Sunday Times & Virgin Fast Track 100.  (click to read the article).

This is a list of one hundred of the UK’s fastest growing private companies, selected annually on sales growth over the past three years. I can also reveal that we are 58th on that list – not bad for a company that in 2006 was operating from a back bedroom with a staff of four! Today, just six years later we employ nearly 40 people with a warehouse complex of nearly 20,000 square feet, and seeking more space even as I write.

We are not big on ‘blowing our own trumpet’, preferring to let our customers speak on our behalf; which I'm pleased to say they do in enormous numbers. As I write, just short of 12,000 customers have taken the time and trouble to review Country Attire on the respected and independent TrustPilot site, which is committed to ensuring a better online shopping experience for everyone. TrustPilot gives us a five star rating with a score of 9.8 out of 10. But frankly we don’t do this for the ratings and complimentary appraisals; we passionately believe that the finest British products should be available to the world and, more importantly, customer service, the essence of our business, should be equally universal. The FastTrack 100 accolade tends to acknowledge that attention to detail and really listening to our customers has been recognised in the success achieved in simply following that objective. Oh, and we do actually enjoy talking to our customers from all over the world, many of whom become friends and come back again and again.

Just to give you a flavour of what our customers say about us I have simply selected just one TrustPilot review which was second on today’s list, where a lady commented:

“Late on Wednesday evening, having found the perfect jacket I wanted for my daughter's birthday on the Friday (2 days), I thought I would never be able to get it in time, never mind (gift)wrapped and a complete surprise. Country Attire Ltd to the rescue! I saw, I bought, it delivered - on the birthday - at lunchtime. AMAZING service, great price, free p&p, and a free gift to choose from to boot. I read all the testimonials and wondered if they were for real and if the service would be so swift. It was - a new shopping friend has been found. A great find.” [read it for yourself – click here]

With nearly 12 thousand stories and comments like this, it makes our team very happy and very proud indeed!

So Country Attire would like to say a huge Thank You to our thousands of worldwide customers without whom the Sunday Times & Virgin FastTrack 100 selection would not have been possible. But you can also be sure that we won’t be resting on our laurels either; our plans for an even greater choice of superlative quality products from the best brands of Great Britain and around the world, are already well advanced, and matchless customer service will of course remain paramount in everything we do.

I couldn't resist just one final comment which came from one of our customers called Stewart. Stewart obviously fancies himself as a bit of a poet because his review on TrustPilot reads...

"Want to look good in the Great Outdoors, buy from Countryattire and look no more.

Just bought a superb looking Barbour Liberty Beadnell jacket for my wife, didn't cost a lot of loot.

Free postage and package and a gift to boot.

It's what she wanted, her Christmas desire, so it had to be from Country Attire!"   [read it for yourself – click here]

Thank you Stewart, and we are sure your wife will love her Barbour Liberty Beadnell - nice choice and Happy Christmas!