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June | What's Hot

Here at Country Attire, we thought we’d give you a glimpse of what we’re loving this month.



Festival season has arrived and what better way to get the party started than getting caught up with all things Glastonbury? Whether you’ve got your hands on some golden tickets and are heading down to witness the headliners yourself or plan to re-live the action and highlights on the TV, the last weekend of the month is set to be one to remember for music lovers. And, of course, we can’t forget the festival fashion- we’ll be keeping an eye out to see how you style your Hunters!


Floral Prints

Following the Chelsea Flower Show, we’re feeling inspired. The sunshine is starting to make an appearance and we can’t wait to get in the mood for summer by stocking up on bold prints. Whether you’re updating your holiday wardrobe or simply looking for something to brighten your day, don’t forget to check out the latest floral trends and visit our Get the Look pages for both ladies and gentlemen.


V&A Exhibition: The Glamour of Italian Fashion

This exhibition at the V&A in London looks at the transformation of Italian fashion from the end of the Second World War to the present day. Looking at both women’s clothes and menswear, the exhibition follows the journey of key individuals and organisations, exploring how they have influenced Italian fashion and contributed to its reputation for quality and style. The exhibition runs until 27th July 2014 and we’ve heard it is well worth a visit!


2014 FIFA World Cup

With the world cup kicking off this month, either love it or hate it- football is going to be a hot topic.


Father’s Day UK

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday 15th June in the UK, so we’re thinking about our dads. Take him out for a meal, buy him a gift he’ll love, spend some quality time together- whatever you do to show your appreciation, make sure you spoil your deserving dad.  


We also asked two bloggers to give us an insight into their worlds this month.



Elizabeth from Nelly and Noopy Blog Elizabeth from Nelly & Noopy shares what’s on her hot list and what isn’t making the cut.

thumbs up iconWhat's Hot

Coffee Shops

I’ve been loving Costa’s Cheese and Tomato Toastie recently, it sounds like a random thing to love, but it’s so good, next time you’re in Costa, I’d recommend trying it! I’m also still having my regular lattes, and although they are a bit wintery, it’s still a bit too cold to switch to the iced versions. I love Starbucks, but Costa is more local to me, so I’m partial to a bit of each!


TOFT Alpaca Shop Edward’s Menagerie Crochet

I’m usually quite crafty, but recently have been so busy with everything that I’ve found myself doing a bit too much. In an attempt to do something relaxing, I picked up my crochet hook and some gorgeous Alpaca yarn again, and I’ve really enjoyed doing a bit of crochet. The patterns are super easy to follow, and the finished animals are so cute! I’ve made the fox already, and am on with the Sloth next! TOFT are releasing a new book full of animal patterns, so I’ll probably have a little zoo soon!! So cute!



I think the return of Game of Thrones definitely needs a mention! I’m a big fan of the Series, and am glad to see it back for the new Season. Finally Joffrey is gone, what a horrible boy he was, and I’m still rooting for Daenerys to get the Iron throne! #girlpower. I’ve also been loving The Vampire Diaries (cough* #delena cough*) and Teen Wolf, which I’ve only just started watching but I’m really enjoying it so far! Of Course I’m loving Made in Chelsea too, it’s one of my favourites.


Spring Fashion

Spring has arrived and I’m loving stocking up on pastels, sandals and lighter jackets! I’m glad to have put away most of my jumpers, and have recently treated myself to a few new Spring pieces. This Barbour summer jacket is perfect as it’ll still protect you from the rain and slightly chilly weather, and won’t make you feel like you’ve been wearing coats since October! It’s also great for any fellow pet owners, as in the evening it’s really cold when Noopy wants to go for a walk!

Summer Ladies Quilted Jacket Barbour Barbour Ladies' Summer Liddesdale

Vivienne Westwood Talia Snake Effect Purse

I’ve been looking for a new purse for ages, I’m such a fan of loyalty cards, and have one for pretty much everywhere, and with everything else I carry around in my purse, I always find it will never fasten, and is always open at the bottom of my bag! It’s really getting on my nerves, and this Vivienne Westwood purse is brilliant as it is really roomy, and has a zip around, so no annoying poppers that won’t stay fastened!

Vivienne Westwood Talia Purse Vivienne Westwood Talia Snake Effect Purse


thumbs down iconWhat's Not

Exam Season

I’m in my final year of my degree, and I finish in June, which I’m so excited about. I’ve had two essay deadlines recently, and am currently preparing for my final exams! I’ll be so glad when it’s all over! I know it’s exam season for A levels and GCSE’s too, good luck to anyone taking any exams this time of year!


The Rain

Will it ever go away in the UK? Come on, I want to wear my sandals and rest my umbrella for a few months!



Life’s been hectic for me recently, and getting stressed is definitely not one of my favourite feelings! I’m currently trying to relax as much as possible, and keep reminding myself it’ll all be over in a couple of weeks! Promising myself a big shopping trip is also helping!


Early Mornings

I’ve had a few of these recently! I’ve never been a morning person, and would much rather work late at night than in the morning, in fact I usually do most of my blogging late at night when I’ve finished college or work for the day! Anything before 10am counts as early for me, I’m just awful at it.



Hannah from Hannatalks Hannah from Hannatalks reveals what is making her happy this month.

thumbs up iconWhat's Hot

#beautyproject with Selfridges

Selfridges have launched a 6 week campaign which looks at the definition of beauty and what it means in today’s society. The project focuses on a variety of topics such as Age and beauty and Global beauty. Talks and events will be held across the country during the 6 week period; an amazing project for today’s society on dealing with the media and expectations of beauty.


Hunter Wellington boots

It's sunny (for now at least!) and festival season is fast approaching. Pack smart with nothing but the essentials, and these Hunter wellies are no exception. I'm lusting over this glossy pair and already dreaming of what outfit to pair them with...

short wellies black Hunter Short Wellington Boots

Post-exam treats

I've not long finished my exams and I for one am certainly in need of a treat! Retail therapy is my immediate go-to pick me up, and this Vivienne Westwood purse ticks all the boxes. Sleek and stylish, it can hold all of my essentials and is an investment piece which I would be more than proud to show off!

Ladies Chancery Purse Vivienne Westwood Ladies Chancery Purse



I don't think that anything makes me happier than feeling the sun on my skin on a warm summer’s day. It immediately makes me feel more relaxed, chilled and happy! I've been building on my tan, (not expecting too much, it's England after all) and dusting off all my summer clothes. Peach Schnapps in hand and a good magazine to read- what could be better?


thumbs down iconWhat's Not

Fad diets for the Summer

Now summer is upon us, women are turning to crazy diets in order to shed pounds almost immediately. These fad diets frustrate me as nothing can be achieved in an instant. A balance of healthy eating and exercise is all we need ladies!


Pesky insects

Wasps, bees, spiders, flies, you name it... I despise them. The hot weather has brought them out in force and even my neighbour has a bee’s nest forming right beside my window; why are they so noisy?! As soon as food and drink leaves the comfort of your own home, they're onto you. Can't say I enjoy sharing my ice cream with them!


Solange’s argument going viral

Unless you've been hiding under a rock the past few weeks, then you'd know about THAT infamous lift fight between Solange and Jay Z. I think it's terrible that the footage has been leaked and celebrity or no celebrity- we all deserve some privacy. All families argue, it's natural, so I don't see why this event has had so much publicity.


Job hunting

Now I've finished college, I have a 4 month break, and I desperately want to start earning money to begin funds for starting university in September. No matter what people say, finding a job in this current climate is hard work. Companies want experienced individuals, but how can we possibly build up experience when they won't employ us in the first place?


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