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A Day In The Life Of A Festival Organiser

Simon Mawbey YNOT Marketing

This weeks tales from the other side of festivals come from Simon, (@mawbey ) part of the marketing team at this years YNOT festival.

How long have you been part of the YNOT team?

Since it began in 2006.

What does your job involve?

I do anything marketing/promotional based, most visual stuff -posters/merchandise etc. We are a small team which does require you to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trdaes at times.

How far in advance do you start the marketing activity for YNOT?

It depends on what it is really. Social media for example is year round, but we like to go a little bit quieter over winter as people are thinking about Christmas and not standing around in fields. Other activity naturally grows towards the event but it starts getting busy from March-ish onwards.

Do you focus more on digital or print advertising?

To be honest in terms of actual advertisng we've never done a huge amount of either. Promotional activity is still a fairly even split between the two.

How important is social media as part of your marketing campaign?

Very important, it's a great platform for getting across a broad spectrum of messages and having an open dialogue. We're chatting with people on Twitter most of the time.

What is a typical day like for you in the run-up to YNOT?

Long, stressful, tiring, bewildering, traumatic, draining and fun. I'm kidding, it's just stressful.

What makes YNOT different from other festivals?

The same team organises Y Not that did when it first began, we still see the same faces that came to the first festival and it retains that nice, feel-good party atmosphere albeit witha few more people around. Plus the crowd are amazing, we've been to a lot of festivals and I can say honestly that the Y Not crowd give acts such an amazing, warm reception. We've had artists like The Cribs and Darkness say they've literally had some of the best shows of their lives at Y Not.

You must have been lucky enough to meet some of the bands performing at YNOT – who is the most memorable?

The Darkness were very nice guys, driving We Are Scientists into our local town to the pub, they're very funny guys, Miles kane was great wandering about looking cool.

Which bands are you most looking forward to seeing this year?

I'm really looking forward to seeing what De La Soul will bring to the main stage, that will be great I'm sure. I really like a band called The Wytches who play The Giant Squid Stage.

What are your festival essentials?

Cider and sleep.