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Interview with the Designer: Kathryn Pow for Country Attire

547552_847266645918_14541872_n (2)As Country Attire proudly launch an own brand collection of wax and tweed jackets, we catch up with the designer of the range, Kathryn Pow, to find out the inspiration behind the collection, what it incorporates, and what makes the jackets just that little bit special...

Tell us about the collection...

The Country Attire range is a collection of men's and ladies' outerwear pieces ranging from functional yet fashionable outdoor wax jackets to classic tweed/wool coats and separates, all in an array of styles and luxury materials. Our collection offers eight wax jacket styles for ladies and eight for men. All of the wax jackets have functionality and longevity at the heart of their design, but without compromising on the look and aesthetics. Each style combines an impressive specification with the elegance and sophistication of a quintessentially British piece. Attention to detail has been an important motto for this range, so each style has it's own quirky touches which make it unique, including our branded logo and waterproof luxury linings.

The collection also offers a range of exclusive Scottish tweeds, which have all been designed with the same precision and detail. The tailoring range consists of eleven ladies' styles and seven men's styles. These designs also show tremendous attention to detail, including velvet lined pockets and trims, detachable fur collars and intricate tailored seaming. We've set out to create a range that completely encompasses Country Attire's ethos; it's a classic collection made up of intricate, efficient and sophisticated styles which are all timeless wardrobe treasures.

Who will it appeal to?

The beauty of the Country Attire range is that each piece is timeless. When designing the range, I wanted to create styles that weren't directed at any particular age group. My main focus was to design styles that would be functional but also beautiful; that will protect you from the elements, and weather beautifully as they age. I wanted to create wardrobe desirables. The collection would appeal to an a outdoors lover, a British style admirer, a luxury materials seeker and an attention-to-detail perfectionist!

What is the inspiration behind the collection?

I drew inspiration from the story and background of Country Attire. I was particularly inspired by the butterfly logo and what it stands for. I thought about the intricacy and detail of a butterfly's wing, and the ease with which it gives the butterfly beauty and efficiency. How can something be so beautiful and so very technical at the same time? It was this that made me want to create jackets that do the very same thing. I also drew inspiration from the beautiful and rugged landscapes of Britain, quintessential British style, Scottish tweeds, early 1900s country outerwear, World War II attire and the 'Land Girls' look, as well as luxury fabrics.

You've teamed up with British Millerain to provide a waterproof jacket lining. What's so special about this particular fabric?

The British Millerain fabric we're using is a 100 per cent breathable liner that makes our jackets completely waterproof. This is something very unique to Country Attire. The breathable membrane allows body heat to move through the garment while also protecting the lining getting wet from the outside. I know from past experience that when a wax jacket gets wet it can affect the comfort on the inside, making the jacket feel heavy and uncomfortable. With the fabric we use, this won't occur. It's an added protection from the elements which makes our wax jackets resilient and refined.

country_attire_mens_batley_wax_jacket_green_frontWas it important for you to collaborate with a British company in making the collection?

Yes, it was really important to collaborate with a British company. Everything about this range was inspired by British style and ethics, so it felt only right to use British tweeds, cloths, and to manufacture all our styles in some of England's finest factories.

Country Attire wax jackets feature an exclusive check lining. What does the design represent?

Country Attire's signature lining is a beautiful simple check which was inspired by the Country Attire butterfly logo. The check repeat is the exact dimensions of the butterfly logo, and this lining acts as the blueprint for the entire collection.

What is unique about a Country Attire jacket? What sets it apart from other similar waxes and tweeds?

The Country Attire range isn't just a functional jacket- it's a garment that's been designed, crafted and manufactured with so much love, thought, care and attention to detail. The customer has always been the main point of focus for us, and we've tried to go above and beyond in creating a garment that offers something personal and unique. Every style has such intricacy, from our butterfly embossed buttons to branded metal hanging loops and interior name patches which can be personalised by the customer, as well as contrast pocket liners and luxurious technical fabrics for protection from the elements. To show how much we want to deliver perfection, we're offering a two year guarantee.

Has the collection turned out as you hoped?

I am really thrilled at how the collection has turned out. I think each style offers beauty, functionality, luxury and longevity.

Which jacket is your personal favourite?

This is a hard one- I love each one. If I was to pick an ultimate favourite is would be the 'Ivy' Wax Ladies Jacket.

Finally, which celebrity would you love to see wearing a Country Attire jacket?

This is another hard one. I think I'd love to see some true British treasures wearing our designs such as Sophie Dahl, Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephen Fry and Kate Middleton.