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Walking the Nile with Country Attire...


New documentary series “Walking the Nile” is an incredible story of one man’s determination to make exploration history and complete a world first; walking the length of the river Nile, “from source to sea”.

The arduous but awe-inspiring trek sees intrepid explorer Levison Wood embark on a nine month journey which covers more than 4,000 miles across some of the most beautiful -and dangerous- countries on earth.

Walking the NileSetting off from the Rwandan rainforest and with the Mediterranean Sea firmly in his sights, Wood pushes himself to the limit, both physically and mentally. In his own words, he predicted the challenge to be "both physically and mentally challenging, pushing me to the limit of human boundaries which requires a level of resilience and determination that cannot be prepared for." In searing temperatures of more than 50 degrees Celsius, Levison is often required to catch his own food and sleep on a makeshift bed. And his exhausting but exhilarating expedition is captured on camera for all to see.

Described on his website as a "writer, photographer and explorer”, Levison has had a colourful and varied career, spending time as a journalist, photographer, business founder and director, and as an Officer in the British Parachute Regiment, fighting the Taliban in places as perilous as Kabul and Helmand, Afghanistan.

His passion for the outdoors and finely tuned survival instinct appear to have stood him in good stead for this gruelling challenge...

In last night’s first episode, we saw Levison and a small crew -including a local guide named Boston- set off on their adventure. Starting in the highlands of Rwanda, Wood and his team followed the river through Tanzania and Uganda as they made their way to South Sudan, taking the first of a total 7 million steps.

Along the way, the team encountered both the hospitality and the hostility of the local people; the first, as guests at a Tanzanian wedding and the latter while being robbed by an armed gang. They also endured the tragedy of the loss of one of the team.

For the viewer, there was a real sense of being there, thanks both to the open nature of the local people who featured in the programme, and the often shaky camerawork as the crew navigated the rocky and uneven terrain of the tracks they walked upon.  It was a fascinating insight into a part of the world few people ever get to see.

Country Attire are delighted to be associated with “Walking the Nile”, having been approached some time ago to be sponsors of Levison’s incredible journey. We have supplied him with some of the finest clothing and footwear in the world by the likes of Canada Goose, Barbour, Hunter and Musto and for both the trek itself and press appearances after.

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