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Flipping Mad: Happy Pancake Day!

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Celebrated in many countries around the world, Pancake Day, (or Shrove Tuesday, to give it its proper name), was originally a Pagan holiday, born of the belief that the change of seasons -from winter to spring- signified a battle between the god of vegetation, fertility and springtime, and the malevolent spirits of the cold and dark winter. The people who held this belief thought that eating pancakes -which, with their circular shape resembled the sun- would gain the energy, strength, light and warmth of the sun.
In Christianity, cooking and eating pancakes at this time of year is seen as an opportunity to use up rich foods like eggs, butter and milk before the fasting of Lent begins.
Whatever the origins of the day, we've gone flipping mad for pancakes in the CA office! In celebration of Pancake Day, CA staff have been concocting our own weird and wonderful pancake combinations, with sweet and savoury toppings for that perfect finishing touch! We've also dedicated today's journal to these fluffy little delicacies! Here's a round-up of some popular -and some less common- pancake fillings, and how to recreate them at home...
Sugar and Lemon
Sugar and lemon is a classic pancake combination which tickles both sweet and sour taste buds. What more could you ask for?! Just make your pancakes as usual, then sprinkle with sugar and a squeeze of lemon, either fresh or from juice.
Banana and chocolate spread
This sweet and sugary combination is a winner with kids and grown-ups alike, and it's so easy to make! Spread the chocolate over the pancake in a thick layer, then top with sliced banana.

Ham and cheese

Cheese works surprisingly well with pancakes, turning them into a filling savoury dish in an instant. Simply make the pancakes as usual, then scatter over cheese, ham, spring onions and tomatoes, and roll the pancake up for a quick dinner that's stuffed with flavour!

Salmon and mushroom

Salmon pancakes make a delicious light lunch or brunch and are a refreshing change from the usual sweet offerings. To make, pan fry salmon and mushrooms in butter until thoroughly cooked, stir in dill and hollandaise sauce, then spoon over the pancake. Fold to make a parcel, cover with more hollandaise and then back in the oven until piping hot.

Goat's cheese and spinach

This vegetarian option is bursting with flavour, and the goats cheese and spinach perfectly complement each other. Heat mushrooms in a pan with some parsley, thyme and garlic, throw in the spinach until wilted, then stir in the goats cheese until it melts. Spoon down the middle of hot pancakes and eat immediately, or sprinkle with mozzarella and heat in the oven for even more gooey, cheesy, deliciousness!

We ask CA...

We asked our Digital Web Designer, Kyle, and, Marketplace Manager, Amanda, what their favourite pancake filling is and why...

CA: What's your favourite pancake filling?

Kyle: I would say that my favourite pancake topping would have to be the good old strawberries and chocolate, but with a modern twist! I replace the melted chocolate sauce with chocolate spread like Nutella, and add a touch of brown sugar!

Amanda: It has to be strawberries and Canadian maple syrup. The syrup has got to be Canadian though!

CA: Why do you like that filling so much?

Kyle: It's a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and sugars...everything a modern man needs to start the day! It may be a little too high on sugars, but who cares? It's Pancake Day!

Amanda: Because it tastes the best! And also, I used to have it all the time in America, so it takes me back.


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