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Friday the 13th - Fashion Fails!


Unlucky for some, Friday the 13th is upon us again! While most people shrug off the day's unlucky connotations, other's daren't venture out for fear of bad luck.

While it's unclear exactly how Friday the 13th gained its spooky reputation as a day to be avoided, there are a number of possible reasons, many of which seem to stem from the Bible. It is thought that Jesus was crucified on a Friday, and there were thirteen people at the Last Supper. Similarly, in Norse mythology, 12 gods were gathered for a feast when a thirteenth guest -Loki, the god of mischief- joined them, resulting in the murder of Balder the Good with a spear of mistletoe. For both reasons, 13 has been considered an unlucky number of people to have seated round a table for centuries.

So profound is some people's fear of Friday the 13th, it has been classed as a phobia, with the tongue-twisting title, Paraskevidekatriaphobia. But, despite the superstition around the day, statistics suggest there is no increase in accidents or bad luck events on Friday the 13th.

For today's journal, we've turned our attention to the bad luck many people have with fashion; sometimes on a daily basis! Just for fun, we've compiled a list of some of the most common fashion fails, plus, we ask three Country Attire staff if they're scared of Friday the 13th...

Top Fashion Fails

Socks and Sandals

The first of our fashion fails has to be the famous socks and sandals combo. Stereotypically favoured by dads, "Brits abroad" and ageing hippies, this is an all too common fashion faux pas. While wearing socks beneath sandals might make feet feel warm and cosy, it certainly doesn't make them look stylish. Let your Birkenstocks shine in all their glory and go bare beneath!

Revealing too much

No matter how pretty your lingerie is, it shouldn’t always be on show! Exposed bra straps are a big fashion no-no and can make the most elegant of outfits look cheap. The same goes for clear straps. Save your beautiful bras and pretty panties for home and invest in a couple of simple strapless bras for wearing beneath strappy tops and dresses. Equally as bad is the dreaded VPL, or visible pant line, beneath fitted trousers. Avoid this frocky-horror by wearing a thong or seamless knickers.

Mixing too many trends

While clashing prints and mixing fabrics may be hot right now, cramming every current trend into one look screams fashion victim! Avoid trend overkill by channelling just one key look, and getting it right. Other trends can be subtly introduced in the form of accessories, and jewellery.

Wearing the wrong size

Although it may be heartbreaking to accept that your all-time favourite LBD or trusty go-to jeans no longer fit, it's far worse to try and squeeze yourself into something that you've long outgrown. Wearing the right size clothes will create a far more flattering silhouette than too-tight trousers with a very visible muffin-top. Clothes that fit properly will create a more attractive shape, plus, you'll feel a lot more comfortable.

Dressing for the wrong season

This fashion fail is seen more during the winter than in the summer months. Much as you may love that summer sun dress or linen shirt, freezing cold December temperatures require clothing that's a little more seasonal! Wrapping up doesn't mean you can't look stylish. In fact, autumn and winter are a great time to indulge in luxurious fabrics which keep you warm and look great.

We ask CA...

Friday the 13th has been a hot topic in the CA office this week. We asked our Content Editor, Amy, PPC and SEO Manager, Dan, and Marketing Director, Jenny, if Friday the 13th has been unlucky for them...

CA: Do you think Friday 13th is an unlucky day?

Amy: Yes, I’ve always thought of Friday 13th as an unlucky day and I tend to feel a bit nervous about it!

Dan: Not particularly, no more unlucky than any other day. Thinking about it I have no idea why Friday 13th is deemed an unlucky day. I will have to investigate it so by the end of the day I might of changed my mind.

Jenny: No- I always think that 13 is a lucky number. My dad was born on Friday the 13th!

CA: Do you have any superstitions/ritual? Is there anything you don’t do on Friday 13th?

Amy: I try to avoid going out as much as possible! I don’t make plans on Friday 13th in case anything goes wrong.

Dan: I’m not really a superstitious person so there isn’t anything I don’t do just because it’s the 13th. Since I can remember, I have avoided grids on the pavement if there is three in a row- don’t ask me why. This is something I will pay close attention to avoiding on the 13th!

Jenny: Friday's in general should be a ritual end of the week treat- pizza and beer, movie and popcorn or gym, music and an early night!

CA: Has anything unlucky ever happened to you on a Friday 13th?

Amy: I failed my driving theory test on Friday the thirteenth. It probably would have happened on a different day anyway but I like to think that Friday 13th was to blame!

Dan: Not that I can ever remember, but funnily enough a bird did poo on my car this morning on the way to work. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad? I remember running over two pigeons on the way to my driving test. I don’t think it was the 13th and I passed, so maybe it was a good omen. I'm  lucky that I’m not that unlucky. If that makes sense….

Jenny: I've crashed a car! However, it wasn't my fault so I suppose it was the other parties unlucky day...they had to pay the repair costs!