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Hero Product: Dr Martens Pascal Boot


The Dr Martens story began in 1945, when a German doctor named Klaus Maertens injured his foot in a skiing accident. Following the accident and in pain with his foot, the doctor designed and created a shoe with a unique air-cushioned sole to make walking easier and less painful.

Surprisingly, the boots began to sell around Germany and a new footwear brand was born. Hoping to appeal to the British market, Maertens changed the brand name to a more Anglicized "Dr Martens", and the rest as they say, is history.

Fast-forward 15 years to April 1960, and Dr Martens was about to create a boot that would go on to define a generation. Until this point, Dr Martens boots had been marketed as industrial wear; sturdy boots for working men who needed shoes that were resilient yet comfortable. But when Pete Townshend, guitarist with seminal British rock band The Who, wore a pair of 'Docs' at a London show, the crowd went crazy for them; and a footwear legend was born.

By the 1970s, Dr Martens boots had become a firm favourite with the youths of Britain and became an integral part of the uniform of scores of subcultures. From mods and rockers to goths, skinheads and ska-lovers, 'Docs' were the boots to be seen in.

Today, Dr Martens continues to create shoes and boots of outstanding quality, offering unparalleled durability and a look that is instantly recognisable and enduringly popular. Over the years, the Dr Martens range has expanded to include stylish brogues, sandals and even heels. And amongst this fine footwear selection, you'll find the Pascal boot in Black Vintage.

Instantly recognisable as a Dr Martens, the Pascal boot combines a classic DM design taken straight from the archives, with delightful smooth leather for a touch of luxury, and understated styling to bring it into the twenty-first century. Read on to discover why we've chosen the men's Pascal boot as one of the Doc's stand-out products.

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Soft vintage leather

The Pascal boot is crafted in Dr Martens’ Vintage Smooth leather. Supple and with a delicate sheen, this is a retro version of DM’s signature smooth leather. It has a grain effect and a contrast base colour for a subtle two tone effect. This leather can also be found on the 1461, 1460, 1490 and 1914 shoes.

Contrast yellow stitching

Dr Martens’ legendary yellow welt stitching is synonymous with the DM brand, and the Pascal boot has an abundance of the famous yellow thread. Cleverly, this yellow thread is kept in a vat of warm wax which ensures it is supple but also, that any holes which are made by the needle as the thread is stitched around the boot do not allow water to enter. Finally, the PVC strip that holds the yellow thread is stitched by a machinist to the boot upper, creating a bond of incredible durability between the upper and the sole.

Branded heel loop

No pair of Docs would be complete without the iconic heel loop, which makes taking the boots on and off easy and comfortable. In a playful touch, the heel loop features the Dr Martens "AirWair" lettering and lets people know that these boots have "bouncing soles"!

8 eyelet fastening

The Pascal boot has a stylish 8 eyelet fastening, which is punched into the boot using pre-pricked markers. The 8 eyelet lace not only creates an authentic and original Dr Martens look, but ensures the boots are snugly, securely and comfortably fastened.

Signature AirWair cushioned sole

One of Dr Martens' most famous design details, the imaginatively named "AirWair" sole is what sets them apart from other shoes. The sole is produced in the factory using a granular compound which is melted and injected into a mould. This mould features the “DMS” logo, as well as the "Resistance Rectangle" which tells the wearer that the sole is oil, fat, acid petrol and alkali resistant. Once the AirWair sole has been created and cooled down, a felt strip is inserted into the sole cavity and a comfort pad is also added. The sole is finished with Dr Martens' distinctive “grooving”.