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James Bond: Style through the decades

Ever the arbiter of style, James Bond’s look is as enigmatic as his persona when it comes to the series of films. The franchise, which has spanned over 50 years, carefully curates a wardrobe to capture the essence of Bond in all of his endeavours. Being patriotically British, it is only natural such a wardrobe would encompass a host of the most celebrated home grown designers on offer. For the previous release, Skyfall, the wardrobe served as much as a run through of successful brands as a roll call of any fashion week.

What makes the character of Bond such an interest to replicate and take note from are his aspirational qualities, he may be troubled beneath the surface but the exterior presentation is quite the contrary. Dapper and self-serving, Bond always turns up in style, be it translated through his gadgets, transportation or indeed choice of clothing. The idea of Bond has fed through generations of men as an exhilarating lifestyle balanced with the perks of wealth and status, an appeal which proves easy to buy into. We have recapped a selection of memorable Bond looks and created a guide to shop the look yourself to achieve this high end and quintessentially British look through a wide selection of brands available at Country Attire.


Taking a dip in the sea still warrants for an opportune fashion statement, as we all recall in Casino Royale when the famous spy emerged from the sea in the memorable La Perla shorts. The themes behind Bond at the beach seem to fight the balance between promoting Bond as the effervescent sex symbol whilst retaining the manly vigour that men may aspire to. 1950’s classic Thunderball saw Bond work a pale blue pair of Orlebar Brown shorts, which became renowned in their own right due to the alternate shorter design, proving the Bond character to be a pioneer of fashion from the very beginning. This look was so pivotal in defining Bond’s look it was referenced recently by favourites of the Bond films Sunspel. Sunspel invited Academy award winning costume designer Lindy Hemming to create a pair of blue swimming trunks in tribute to the iconic Thunderball version. The style is available in our Sunspel collection of stock in a Dark Blue, with other shades available. The Sunspel brand are tipped to provide clothing for the much anticipated Spectre, having previously kitted out Bond in their popular Riviera Polo Shirts and underwear.



Even in leisure Bond is always dressed for the occasion. A notable outfit from vintage Bond is the all navy Fred Perry Polo Shirt, which was seen in 1965’s Thunderball. Diverting from the classic Fred Perry lined edge aesthetic; the block colour shirt was a centrepiece look from the movie, remaining memorable today. The brand offers a variety of similar shirts to achieve this retro look; Fred Perry remains synonymous as a provider to culture references within fashion. Striking the smart/casual look, Daniel Craig embodies the famous spy wearing a collection of John Smedley pieces throughout his reign as Bond. The delicately design Merino Wool Jumper featured personifies the characters suave appeal and this piece is available in our current collection of John Smedley. Inspired by the contemporary Bond look, other brands follow suit to offer alternative ways to achieve the sophisticated style. Ted Baker provide a succession of evening appropriate trousers to evoke your inner Bond.



Travelling the world as our favourite spy does, a practical selection of coats never goes amiss. Lucky for Bond he has a choice of British classics to choose from. Matchless have collaborated previously with the film franchise, creating the renowned tan suede jacket which has been worn by Bond in upcoming release Spectre. The jacket bears uncanny resemblance to a similar style adorned by previous Bond Timothy Dalton in 1987 movie The Living Daylights. The jacket will feature prominently for Matchless’ new collection and only a certain number of jackets will be produced for sale. Country Attire are one such stockist proud to offer this iconic Bond jacket, which can be expected to buy online mid-November. For a colder climate extra warmth is required, which is where Canada Goose’s premium jackets are put to perfect use. Photo calls released of the Spectre cast have shown the team wearing the durable winter coats, including the Men’s Lodge Hoody, for filming, although it is unconfirmed if the jacket itself will feature on Bond himself. Another British classic Bond has donned is the celebrated Barbour jacket. The character was spotted wearing the Beacon Heritage Sports Coat in previous release Skyfall, which was created exclusively for Daniel Craig in the movie and raised such demand Barbour recreated the piece be available on a mass scale. Shop our website to get the reworked coat and achieve the Bond look.



A successful look only works with the appropriate accessories, something which Bond always nails in any scene. More of a minimalist, the Bond look doesn’t play heavy on jewellery (which makes sense considering all the stunts and villain chasing he’s tasked with), but simple pieces are used effectively to bring the charming aesthetic of his character together. Gloves are worn by Bond in many of his adventures; one notable example is the choice of Dents gloves in Skyfall. Picking a brand with centuries of heritage nods to the classic Bond persona and choosing a premium brand adds to the aspirational qualities of his character. The exact style of gloves worn in the movie are still available to shop for that traditional Bond look. Inspiration can be drawn by the most memorable Bond suits, evening jackets and shirts can be paired with themed Duchamp cufflinks, drawing instant associations of Bond as the patriot and gambler. No suit would be complete without a style setting tie, adding elegance to an outfit. Opt for a classic colour for a chic and simplistic approach. To get a Bond inspired evening look shop our Ted Baker suit jacket and trousers for a classic, textured addition to your collection.

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