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Black Friday: How to shop


Black Friday has been something of an up and comer in recent years within the UK. The day originally connoted American influence and was created as a by-product inadvertently through post-thanksgiving shopping habits. UK retailers have only recently got in on the deal and with thousands to be saved, it’s apparent to see why us Brits want a piece of the action.

Weathering the storm of the Black Friday madness can be difficult when you don’t know where to take shelter. Many decisions need to be made in advance, one main choice being online or in-store? It is advisable to pre-prepare for the big day in order to take full advantage of some of the best deals on offer, which is why we have provided a handy how-to guide to see you through the shopping stress-free.

20151120-Other-v1Tip 1: Pick a strategy

It’s always useful to have an idea of what your priority items are in advance so you don’t end up forgetting or missing out on the discount. Whether shopping for Christmas or just treating yourself, get an idea of what your key aims are. Stores can be categorised by product, type or gender so put yourself in the right corner before biting the bullet and going in for the shop. Whether you prefer to take to the high street or shop online a good strategy is always to divide and conquer, split things between relatives or friends so you can assure you pick up everything required and can focus on specific items.

Tip 2: Do your homework

It’s certainly a good idea to start a little research into which brands are offering what. You may have noticed some brands have chosen to exclude their stores from the festivities this year and instead will host offer others at different points of the season. Stores who are partaking in the frolic this year will have set up changeable offers to take you right through to Cyber Monday. Keep your eyes peeled in advance as many stores, such as ourselves, will be offering deals every day in the run up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Country Attire specifically will begin this Monday, offering a different exclusive deal each day of the week, so be sure to keep checking the site for regular updates and information.

Tip 3: Choose your battlefield

We all remember the dramatic scenes from last year’s Black Friday coverage of frantic shoppers battling to the death over cut price televisions, which makes it all the more advantageous to do your shopping from the comfort of your sofa. Weigh up the pros and cons of virtual versus real life and make an informed choice to suit you specific needs. Online shopping has opened up a new world of commerce, allowing buyers to compare prices in seconds and switch between stores before going in for the purchase. In-store shopping can mean expensive parking and petrol whilst online could include steep delivery charges, so consider the best saving option for yourself after evaluating your discount offer. Country Attire offers free worldwide delivery on all orders, with no minimum order value so saving extra on additional costs is always guaranteed.

Tip 4: Consider perspective20151120-Other-v2

What may seem a good deal on one item may not be so good on something else. For example 50% discount on a cheaper item could mean saving less money than 25% off on a larger ticketed item. Weigh up what it is you are shopping for and take in the savings of pounds as well as percentages. Shop the market and see if the deals around are ones which are likely to be repeated or continued in future. With items such as designer brands, it seems more of a rarity to have regular sales or slashed prices due to the high end nature of the products. Some brands are renowned for never offering discount on items, so if you happen to see that £1,000 coat for £50 be very sceptical of the source, it is unfortunate but there are websites out there looking to take advantage of sale season. In addition, take note of items which seldom have discount, if it happens to have a fraction off, now could be the time to snap it up whilst the saving is available.

Tip 5: Stay informed

Social media will be your best friend in terms of keeping updated with changing offers. Journalistic website have specifically set up pages to share some of the best offers around on certain items, just be wary again that the source of information is reliable and trusted for links. Twitter and Facebook can keep you in the loop with the changing offers, for example, Country Attire will be regularly updating our customers with the varying daily deals to ensure nobody misses out on the exclusive deals. Sign up to your favourite brand or stores email database to ensure you are the first to know when a new offer drops or changes. Many stores have time constraint deals so keep yourself posted to not miss the bargains.

To keep updated with all of our exclusive Black Friday deals in the run up and on the day, see our page here.

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