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New Arrivals: Introducing Brands for 2016

A new year is the perfect time to embrace change and introduce new brands into your wardrobe. Here at Country Attire we see this as the ideal way to expand your collection and as a result are proud to offer a wider range of clothing and footwear brands for 2016. Our new brands offer further variety whilst sticking to the basic principles of only the best in quality and reputation. Read the full breakdown of our latest arrivals below.


Thomas Pink

Two centuries ago, a tailor by the name of Mr Pink created the original hunting coat from a mass of scarlet cloth. Although made in this shade, the piece was always referred to as pink in honour of its maker, thus providing inspiration for Thomas Pink to craft an array of exquisitely tailored shirts. Full of character and representational of heritage, the brand uses the form of the iconic fox design to represent the beginnings and influences which shaped it. Thomas Pink began on London’s iconic Jermyn Street, dubbed as the home of traditional shirt making. Taking scrupulous attention to detail and factoring in original, character building designs, the brand delivers truly stand out pieces to suit your formal or leisure agenda.

Hunter Duke of Wellington

A high end collection within the esteemed Hunter brand, the Duke of Wellington collaboration sees an all-purpose equestrian range developed within Hunter Field. Eagerly awaited for Spring 2016, this new collection adds a higher end appeal and takes council from the Duke of Wellington’s family to combine technical efficiency with traditional influence. Timeless in design, the original Duke’s boots can be traced back to 1814, where the iconic style has proven to shape the classic stylings of wellington boots today, making for a seamless blend for the Hunter brand. Within the new range, leather and rubber boots are expected to feature, keeping in line with Hunter’s synonymous weather proofed technologies, all taking on a scarlet heel with discreet branding for true understated style.


Original Penguin

A classic carrier of sports luxe clothing, Original Penguin was built to provide golf polo shirts to the American public. Simplistically named, the brand was christened after a salesman spotted a fluffy toy penguin in a shop window and drew inspiration for the company. The original golf shirts have become iconic for the brand and have been sported by notable celebrities through time, including; Dean Martin, Richard Nixon and Frank Sinatra. Started in 1955 by Minneapolis bred parent company Munsingwear, Original Penguin boasts true American heritage which is conveyed through meticulous design and sports inspiration, which has consistently delivered to its customers throughout.

Norton Motorcycles

Driven with passion, Norton encompasses true motorcycle heritage clothing and accessories of a premium quality. Founded in 1898, the brand ensures inspiration is highly kept within the business, providing pieces for motorcycle enthusiasts, designed by motorcycle enthusiasts. CEO of the business Stuart Garner even boasts setting the world speed record for a Rotary Powered Motorcycle, displaying true commitment to the brand and its aims. Such keen interest offers excellently designed pieces and enables Norton to build up a legacy befitting of future generations, fusing technical aspects with the winning formula of enduring styles. Pieces from this sought after brand deliver on promises to design long lasting quality.


Henri Lloyd

A true British brand, Henri Lloyd still calls its original location of Manchester home, operating its headquarters in the city. Always accommodating of new technologies, the brand explored new methods and fabrics to use to enhance its luxury sporting apparel. One such advancement in technology for the brand was the use of the first non-corrosive zipper and adding Velcro to waterproof garments, in addition to using Gore-Tex waterproofing on the garments. The focus of Henri Lloyd was initially to provide yachting and sailing clothing of premium quality. Today the brand still includes this influence at the helm of design, but additionally offers further sports inspired pieces to appeal to a wide market.

Betty & Co.

A sub-brand of Betty Barclay, Betty & Co. takes note from the classically loved pieces of its parent brand and delivers a collection befitting of a younger generation. Keeping things simple, the finished result offers minimal aesthetics, easy to incorporate into a luxury day-to-day wardrobe whilst featuring modish design elements and contemporary function in mind. In line with Betty Barclays loyal following, fine fabrics are ensured as is the guarantee of premium quality results, perfect for achieving a classic working or casual wardrobe.