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Realistic New year's Resolutions for 2016

It’s that time of year again when your social life retracts into hibernation and it’s no longer socially acceptable to start the morning with a Dairy Milk. With the festive cheer of Christmas now a distant memory, it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. It’s no secret that some resolutions will always remain on your list and never seem to be fulfilled, which is why we’re advocates of the realistic resolution, by this we mean ways to make changes you know you can achieve. Stop the January blues from getting you down and focus on the exciting potential the year ahead can bring by resetting expectations to what you know you can do.


Rather than kidding yourself you’ll circle the globe multiple times, set realistic goals to ensure you still make the most of the next 12 months. If your purse strings are pinched beyond belief, you don’t have to miss out on making the most of travelling this year by staying a little closer to home and exploring your own back yard. Here at Country Attire we are big advocates of the Great British holiday, just look at our collections as evidence, and in turn know a thing or two about travelling the UK. For smaller budgets, look into camping options in peaceful countryside dwellings or weekend mini-breaks at quaint little cottages or cabins. If you have the budget, choose one bucket list destination and tick it off your to-do-list this year whilst you can, prioritising locations by what you want to achieve more will help you reach success in doing what you intend and not getting side-tracked by offers to holiday elsewhere.



We would all love to turn into a #fitspiration idol in the space of a month, but realistically it’s not going to happen.  If you’re a classic gym-phobic type who would rather do anything than permit your company to a one hour cross trainer session then your mind set won’t change overnight. The key to keeping up with exercise is to find something you enjoy so it won’t seem like work. Join a class at your local gym if solo exercise isn’t your bag. Classes benefit from being set schedules, easy to plan in and offer social opportunities if you’re lacking a gym buddy. The best way to approach exercise is to do what you enjoy, when you can, pushing yourself too hard and setting unrealistic expectations will just end up in you crashing and giving up. You won’t suddenly develop arms like Madonna in a week, but that’s ok, because gradual improvement is the aim.



Work life can be tricky as it all depends on what your long term ideals are and if you’re happy on your current path. Waste no time kidding yourself you will one day love office life if you secretly yearn for unscheduled, outdoor work and vice versa. Additional to this is to not confuse your friends or peers goals with your own, there is no one fits all rule which can be applied to everyone. Some people love the stability of a fixed hour’s job whilst others prefer to march to their own tune; both are fine if they are what you desire to do. The beginning of the year is a great time to tackle your work life head on, if you’ve been unhappy for a while, start searching for what you want to do. If quitting isn’t an option, find balance by taking a hobby, expressing your interests in your free time or doing voluntary work dependent on what your needs require. Changing your routine can be all you need to develop a happier headspace and allows you to incorporate your interests if those aren’t being fulfilled at work.



If you believe you will suddenly develop a love of that superfood you’ve been avoiding, it’s more than unlikely. Look at changes you can make which suit your tastes already, can fruit substitute chocolate? Can you find more ways to prepare your favourite vegetables? Swap your morning coffee for a green tea, still doing the job but minus all the sugar and craving crashes which are inevitable later in the day. Experiment with options of herbal teas if green isn’t for you, you may even find a new favourite hot drink. To help you get a balanced diet there are plenty of apps available to keep track of protein, carbohydrates and fat ratio and to spur you on and make you more aware of how much those little day snacks can add up. Never neglect yourself of that food you love as you’ll only feel resentful and not enjoy the change of habit, instead focus on introducing more variety and cutting back on those addictive treats.


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