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Introducing Red Wing

rsz_9016_lsHere at Country Attire we are always excited to expand and grow to invite new brands to join our already esteemed collection. As a company we like to select brands which reflect upon our values in heritage and quality, making one of our newest additions Red Wing an easy fit into the Country Attire family.Red Wing defines its heritage as the premium shoe for the hard-working man. Quality can be found in the longevity of Red Wing’s designs, with dedicated care and excellence put in in abundance to designs to keep its loyal customer base coming back. The brand boast reviews from customers all over who pay testimony to the wear and service given by the company’s luxury creations.


Originally started in 1905 by local shoe merchant Charles Beckman, the brand had humble beginnings. From the offset Beckman was determined to deliver excellence in product and set out to craft “truly good shoes”. The original Red Wing shoe was specifically designed to serve the everyday working man, reinventing the iconic Work Boot. The unique point to this new boot of Beckman’s was the innovative design and premium quality finish. The first provisional pairs were set to suit industries such as mining, logging and farming, meaning each pair had to provide vigorous wear and consistent durability, offering an investment as well as a shoe.

Today the brand offers various updates on this style to accommodate a differentiating clientele. Red Wing focuses on the same dependable structure and form with a contemporary update to appeal in turn to a newer customer as well as maintaining an existing wearer’s attention. The new takes on the working boot can be found across over 100 countries by Red Wing, supporting staff of all manner of manual trades. Beckman’s unchanged vision is still embodied through meticulous structure and unwavering excellence to stay consistent with brand reputation.

Within the Red Wing products sit specified collections to allow finding an ideal shoe all the simpler. In a nod to the brands work ethos, the Heritage collection focuses on footwear which is representative of the American ideal of prosperous work and excellence. The iconic style has not differed in decades of creation, keeping tradition and using the synonymous Red Wing leather from the original tannery. These styles are carefully hand crafted to deliver the finest end result, promising years of wear for rigour and exertion.