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19 May 2016 by Leanne Coppock

10 Rules that only apply on Holiday

1. Midday shopping in a bikini and sarong or swim shorts in the middle of a supermarket
Because who can be bothered applying make-up, doing your hair and fully dressing to nip down the road for ice cream and room drink
s.giphy (25)
2. Obsessively queuing for your pre-arranged plane seat
Your legs could really do with the 30 minute stand involved, plus you want to avoid that awkward “excuse me that’s my seat” conversation with the cheeky folk who thought they could switc
h.giphy (28)
3. Making a beeline for the airport bar no matter what the time is
When you’re on an international schedule it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere righ
t?giphy (20)
4. Tetris packing your suitcase so you can get 3 peoples worth of clothes on one extra allowance
Bonus points if you save space by wearing holiday attire to the airport and cramming the full limit of your hand luggag
e.giphy (26)
5. Nervously watching your luggage come round the carousel like an expectant mother
With the sheer anxiety that someone will whisk your case away before it reaches you on the other side of the conveyor bel
t.giphy (22)
6. Aggressively competing for those sought after sun bed spots
Getting up at 6am, skipping breakfast and outrunning a small child are all necessary to bag the best space for the da
y.giphy (21)
7. Making sure you seek out the nearest British food delicacies
And immediately comparing it to home’s offerings with full scrutin
y.giphy (19)
8. Managing to get burnt no matter how much SPF you vigorously apply
Even if only exposed for ten minutes your nose now resembles an attractive lobster hu
e.giphy (17)
9. Eating multiple ice-creams throughout the day to top you up between meals
It’s practically a food group in warmer climates don’t you kno
w.giphy (23)
10. Incessantly pouring sand out of your shoes/clothing/ears in the months following your holiday
Whilst vowing to never visit a beach again… until the next tim
e.giphy (24)