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6 May 2016 by Leanne Coppock

Timeless Trends: Nautical but Nice

Picture the scene, you’re strolling along the French Riviera, drink in hand and canvas bag in tow. You stop to take in the view, pushing back hair from your protective lens sunglasses which beautifully complement an adorning straw fedora. Matching to these accessories is a classic Breton striped shirt perfectly teamed with simple white denim. The look is nautical, the trend is timeless. No matter what your wardrobe agenda this summer, maritime influence always remains current in the regurgitating cycle of fashion. Easily premium and effortlessly executed, nautical notions can transform your look from casual to connoisseur in an instant. Follow our guide to achieve such status in your own look with our favourite pieces from the trend, including key styles from Joules, Barbour, Sebago, Armor Lux and more.

Setting up this look entails purchasing a few key staples in bid for a capsule collection which will serve you again and again. Any sea inspired collection is redundant if not inclusive of the classic Breton Striped Shirt and Armor Lux offer the original Breton in eternal form. The striped top is easily accustomed to a simple pair of jeans or trousers, chinos and white denim are best for a statement look, allowing colours to contrast and create interesting lines. For out and about, a classic raincoat completes the look, taking inspiration from traditional fisherman attire and providing functional waterproof protection to boot. To really nail the outfit, team the Breton with a vibrant yellow coat to channel classic maritime chic.
Whether you have sea legs or a sailor stance your feet can be donned to fit the trend with some classic styles sure never to date. Sebago lead the way with a range of effortlessly chic boat shoes, with other accompanying options in the form of ballet flats and espadrilles. Celebrating 70 years of success, Sebago has issued limited edition styles of its iconic Dockside Boat Shoes in coral and aqua, in addition to its esteemed collection of classic boat savvy footwear. If Espadrilles fit the bill better, then Soludos offer eye catching designs filled with personality to set any look apart. On the flats front, veteran trend leaders French Sole and Vivienne Westwood will ensure you don’t put a foot wrong with your maritime look.
Don’t go overboard when accessorising a nautical look, less is more when so many hues and prints come into play. For females, accessorising starts with the perfect bag. Fit to comply with storage needs, a tote provides easy access and ample space to support you through trips out and interchangeable essentials, whilst adhering to the naval theme accordingly. For the guys, a hearty backpack or holdall will accommodate purpose as is required, offering varying options with adjustable straps, support and compartments. For the sun and sea seeker, a strong pair of shades will complete the look and protect eyes against intense UV irritation. Opt for sunglasses which are coated to protect and are categorised to adapt to sun strength as needed.