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19 May 2016 by Leanne Coppock

What to take to a Festival

Tickets bought, friends rounded up and road trip planned, your summer festival anticipation can begin. With a few days of fun in sight, it can be tricky to decide what to take and how to suit your needs for the weekend. If this is your first hurrah, lots of expectation and planning is to ensue to enable you to have a memorable few days of your summer. Packing can be a nightmare, as can allocating your bag space, so we’ve made life easier by rounding up the must have list not to be missed for your first festival experience;

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Small Bag for essentials

Cart your daily items with ease and take a smaller bag to keep to hand. This will benefit you in the arena, saving masses of effort negotiating bits and pieces and allowing your hands free to hold beers, wave around and generally enjoy yourself. See Cambridge Satchel and Joules for easy options.

Tickets and ID/Wallet

The fundamental basics to see you through the gate, keep these essentials to hand when going through the gate as to not hold up the queue and inspire hundreds of unimpressed looks from more savvy packed campe
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Durable Wellies

Its goes without saying no festival wardrobe would be complete without a decent pair of wellies and Hunter remain the veterans of reliable, classic boot styles, ranging from the Field to Original collections to adapt to your surroundings with no trouble.

Poncho or Raincoat

No longer a style failure of trends passed, ponchos and raincoats have been updated with vibrant patterns and chicer designs to take away from the school trip aesthetic of previous offerings. See Hunter and Joules for the best picks.
giphy (8)
Wet Wipes

You’d be surprised how diverse and useful a pack of face wipes can be when hit with multiple cleaning needs. Not just apt at scrubbing your face, wipes can assist with spillages, light welly cleaning and generally dabbing down of any items in need of a quick spruce.

Snack Food

Just cover the basics and don’t include anything too perishable. The aim with self-packed food is to stave off hunger pangs as opposed to fully fulfilling your appetite. Further plans can be made if you plan to cook, but the festival will offer a tempting selection of food stalls to whet your appetite when starvation calls.
giphy (10)

Your humble dwellings for the multiple days of festival fun, so investing in a decent option is a no brainer. Pick something sturdy and beware the perils of a collapsible tent, a nightmare to put away especially if you decide to pack up at night.

Tent Pegs

Your securing rescuers when your tent decides to take flight mid-sleep, tent pegs are good to have in extra supply. Just make sure you secure them properly to anchor your temporary home appropriately.
giphy (2)
Antibacterial Gel

A festival can be a breeding ground for germs so ensure you keep your hands fresh and clean between meals and cleaning with a pocket size antibacterial gel.


From a basic toothbrush, toothpaste and dry shampoo, keep cleanliness to the basics yet don’t scrimp on the vital items needed to make you’re few days camping bearable.
giphy (7)

If you are blessed with sunnier climates than our typical British weather, a simple pair of sandals or sliders will accommodate your feet through drier conditions with ease and can be styled to suit your statement look. In the uncertain festival environment, comfort and adaptability is key, no-one wants blisters for 3-5 days with an abundance of walking required.

Comfortable Clothing

Yes we all want to channel our inner rock star and get that off duty style, but truth be known when its 2am and your stuck in an open field in freezing conditions, a hoody will do just fine. Bulk up on pyjama pants and fluffy socks for added warmth you won’t regret, with spare clothing a good shout for any over enthused packe
Duct Tape

This will be your saviour to hole torn tents after a tumultuous stormy evening and also a handy extra for any securing needs and/or taping that annoying friend’s tent shut for a laugh.


Having a rough idea of where your allocated festival is won’t cut it if you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with limited phone reception. Try downloading your map in advance or keep it old school with an A to
Z.giphy (4)

Sitting round the campfire each night and spending time friends is made all the more convenient with a pack away chair. Keep yours in your tent when not in use as they have a tendency to go missing/get borrowed/blow away easily if left unattended.

Ear Plugs

It’s inevitable no matter where you set your tent that annoying group will reside in close proximity, chanting all hours of the night and never apparently requiring sleep. Keep your rest uninterrupted with a good set of ear plugs.
giphy (11)
Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag will leave you feeling snug and smug in your cosy abode, layering up is the absolute key to achieving such feeling.


No one wants to spend hours squinting at a stage with a makeshift hand visor. For the ultimate statement and UV protection see our range of Ray Ban, Oakley and Persol shades to fit your preferenc
e.giphy (12)

Festival facilities are infamous for not being the most resourceful on materials so it’s essential you take your own tissues and toiletries to see you through in happy hygiene.

Portable Chargers

If you rely on your phone like an additional limb, staying powered will be an issue through your festival days. Whilst some festivals do offer charging ports it may be wise to bring a portable charger pack to stay assured your device will last you every video, status update and selfie as neede
d.giphy (13)
First Aid Basics

Plaster that cut, cure that hangover (ish) and protect yourself from general wear and tear with a basic first aid kit. Must have items to include are plasters, paracetamol and sun cream.

A Long Life Torch

Taking the unlimited light of street lamps in a city landscape for granted is easily done until you are scouring a field for a working bathroom in the middle of the night with no assistance. Ensure you aren’t caught without a light by taking your own torch. A long lasting battery is recommended, with a loop to hang in your tent and create a well-lit environment for reading, dressing, telling scary stories and general vision required tasks.
giphy (14)

Keep your head unburnt and hair at bay with a decent hat. Be It beanie or cap, suit your attire accordingly and combat the elements of rain or sun as needed.