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26 Oct 2016 by James Sinclair

Red Wing Shoes: How to create the industry's best working boots

Founded in 1905, Red Wing Shoes are a high quality footwear manufacturer seasoned in their chosen profession: creating both safety and work boots. Originally designed to defend from the various manual risks found in industry work, the sleek design and reliable construction has subsequently led to the now iconic styles becoming a hard hitting main stay of the fashion world.

Having employed over 4 generations of families from their home town of Red Wing, Minnesota, the company (which is named after the city it resides in) takes pride in its rich heritage. From their long serving employees to their unyielding boot styles, it’s this pride combined with the finely tuned craftsmanship of their staff, which ensures that every one of the 1.2 million pairs of shoes which annually leaves the Red Wing Shoe Company is fit to meet the needs of any wearer in any condition.

For your chance to win a pair of these quality shoes, make your way through today’s editorial on the processes which go into the creation of every pair and correctly answer a question based on what you have read. Further details can be found at the bottom of the page.
The Process
All materials which arrive at the Red Wing Shoe Company are delivered fresh, as this doesn’t require the fabrics to be treated with any environmentally damaging solvents. These fabrics are then levelled to an even thickness, granting Red Wing footwear the strength and durability the boots are known for.

Once the materials have been prepared to defend against external risks, chromium sulphate is tanned into the fabrics; this cross links the protein fibres within the textile: preventing decay and enhancing the longevity of the iconic footwear.

From there, the materials are treated with natural softening agents, such as fish oil. This increases the comfort of the finished product and allows for the rugged boots to feel anything but rough whilst they are being worn. The fabric is then shaven down to different degrees of thickness, depending on the needs of the boot. After this process is finished, no further alterations are made to the materials: beside colouring and/or printing.

Using the Red Wing waterproof system, all Red Wing boots are constructed with a three layer membrane: an inner lining which sits on the foot and shapes the shoe, a breathable, foam middle and an outer layer: which consist of the waterproof membrane itself. Every single boot which utilises this technique is then tested to check waterproofing standards have been met. Amongst these checks random samples will be selected to be flexed 50,000 times in a water filled tank, as a means of further auditing.

After these test have been carried out, the boots are packaged and sent out to the many consumers whom rely on Red Wing Shoes for their day to day activities.
3 boots
The Collection
Here at Country Attire we are proud to stock a brand which is dedicated to providing such high grade footwear and we believe our collection highlights some of the best pieces Red Wing have produced over their lengthy history.
The 8111
Named after the residents of the Mesabi Iron Range in Minnesota, the 8111 Iron Ranger work boot is built to exhibit both the rugged toughness, as well as the stylish elegance which comes with working with Iron. Featuring a durable Vibram® 430 Mini-lug sole, the 8111 is a slim fitting, element resisting, hard wearing boot; built for protection, yet, worn with comfort.
Iron Ranger fitted 2
The 875 & 877
The core product of Red Wing Shoes, the 875 and its taller variant (the 877) are constructed from premium Oro legacy leather and designed to withstand the daily rigors of the working day. The iconic boots have garnered a large fan base over the years and have even been spotted on such celebrity names as; David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and even Steve McQueen. Amongst these highly notable accolades the iconic piece also made history in 2005, when a pair of the tall 877's were made even larger in order to achieve the record for the world’s biggest boot. 12 years on, the size 638½ boot can be found at the Red Wing Shoes flagship store, where it still stands today holding the record for this incredible feat (no pun intended).
The 2918
Developed with speed in mind, the 2918 was designed to be an easy to throw on piece, for when sheep ranchers would have to run out and protect their flock in the middle of the night. Based on the fit and shape of a standard Chelsea boot, the 2918 is a smarter style, which in direct contrast to its farming roots, pairs extremely well with formal pieces, for a sharp look that packs a punch.
Sheeping Boots dark
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