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Top Beard Grooming Tips | How to Grow, Maintain and Care for your Beard

Achieving that perfect-looking beard that will be the envy of many gentlemen can prove a rather elusive task. Whether you are a first-time beard grower or looking for the right grooming routine to tame it, growing, maintaining and caring for your beard is a ritual in itself. Facial hair requires special care for it to remain neat, soft and healthy, as, without the proper attention, it can quickly grow out of control. Putting the time and effort into your beard care routine will ensure it stays well-groomed whilst simultaneously caring for the often-neglected skin underneath.
From top beard grooming tips to the must-have beard products from British grooming brand Murdock London, here is the fundamental guide on how to grow, maintain and care for your beard.


How to prepare for growing a beard

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If you are seriously considering growing a beard, an almost illogical first step is to shave off your current facial hair. Thorough preparation is a crucial first step in growing a healthy beard and also ensures your skin underneath will not become irritated.
Before shaving, you should use a facial wash to cleanse the skin of any oil, dirt and debris. Afterwards, applying pre-shave oil will soften the facial hair and nourish the skin, helping your razor glide across the skin rather than drag; it also helps to complete this stage after a hot shower. Now your skin is prepped, it's time to shave. Take some wet shaving cream and mix into a lather using water and a bristle shaving brush. Work the lather into your skin in a circular motion using the brush. Shave slowly with the grain, keeping your skin taut and re-applying lather if making multiple passes to reduce redness, irritation and the risk of in-grown hairs. 
After shaving, remove any excess lather with cool water and a flannel, applying a generous amount of post-shave balm to soothe and moisturise your skin. 


Growing out a beard

The next step is to be patient. Give your beard time to grow out and leave it alone - we mean it. It is essential to push past the urge to shave it off again if your beard is growing out in patches or becoming itchy. During the growing out process, you need to take care of your beard, using the right products also helps alleviate any itchiness or skin irritation. Using beard oil can prevent itchiness long associated with growing out a beard. Delivering much-needed moisturisation to your beard and skin, beard oil keeps facial hair looking healthy and prevents dry, flaky skin.
It can take up to 3 months for your beard to evenly fill out, so be patient and allow your beard time to reach its full potential. As some areas may fill out quicker than others, regularly trimming key areas around the cheek line, neckline and mouth keeps your beard from looking unkempt while the rest catches up.


How to maintain & care for a beard

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A clean beard is a healthy beard. A regular beard washing routine will clear away any debris, dirt and bacteria that may be lurking underneath. As facial hair is often thicker and drier, regular hair shampoos can strip it of essential oils and irritate the skin. Quality beard shampoo and conditioner will be specially formulated to keep your facial hair in top condition and prevent any dry, flaky skin. It's advisable to wash your beard every couple of days, so leave a little extra time during your shower. 
Go one step further and incorporate a beard moisturiser into your routine. After cleaning your beard, run some moisturiser through your facial hair and to the skin underneath to keep your beard soft and hydrated. If your beard requires some extra hydration during winter months, add an extra pump of beard oil to keep facial hair conditioned and resilient.


How to style a beard

Once you have reached your desired length, keep your beard properly styled and maintained to keep it looking at its best. If your beard is quite long, make regular use of a beard brush to detangle any knots and keep your beard in shape. A beard brush will also evenly distribute any moisturiser and oil right through to the ends.
Just like with your hair, finishing products will help to take your beard to the next level. Using a beard wax or putty will offer some additional control to unruly facial hair and give it a smooth, defined shape.
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