2nd February 2021 by Amie Gee

Laboratory Perfumes Scent Guide

Original and timeless, explore the story behind Laboratory Perfumes' evocative gender-free fragrance collection and find your next signature scent. 
Evocative and transformative, a signature fragrance acts as an extension of your identity - capturing the essence of your personality and providing the finishing touch to any outfit in an instant. Whilst fashion trends may appear transient in nature, a signature fragrance can provide a more permanent expression of your individual style throughout your life, reflecting unseen aspects of your personality to those around you. Scents are also a powerful sensory tool, with the ability to instantly trigger memories and transport us back to certain locations or events from our past. Fragrances are a very personal choice, and because of this, it's important to find one that can evolve and adapt to you as an individual.
Laboratory Perfumes Scent Guide - Tonka
Founded in 2011, British scent specialists Laboratory Perfumes mix innovation with tradition to create a unique collection of gender-free fragrances. All of Laboratory Perfumes' fragrances are carefully crafted here in the UK with the underpinning value of "doing no harm" by using socially-conscious, environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients and packaging. 
Inspired by the natural flora and botanicals of the Great British countryside and beyond, Laboratory Perfumes' fragrances have been specially formulated to adapt to who is wearing them - making the scents truly unique to you. Each distinctive fragrance evolves and changes throughout the course of the day, reflecting and enhancing your mood as the day progresses. 
Laboratory Perfumes Scent Guide - Samphire
The original scent, Laboratory Perfumes' Amber is inspired by the British coastline and countryside - effortlessly blending fresh grassiness with rich earthy notes. Complex and sophisticated, Amber was created to adapt to your mood as the day progresses, making it ideal to wear day or night. 
Evolving throughout the day, Amber first offers a dynamic burst of greenery & citrus notes to awaken and revitalise the senses, matching the energy of the morning. Slowly maturing into a smoky and sensual base that lingers on the skin, closing notes of warm, earthy wood and balmy ambergris bring a more subdued, reflective tone towards the evening.
The brand's second fragrance owes its' existence to a gorse lined driveway in Provence. Evoking memories of childhoods holidays, Gorse perfectly captures the essence of summers spent in the South of France. Crisp and zesty, Gorse is a lightweight scent ideal for everyday use. With invigorating citrus top notes and coconut aroma of the gorse flower, a hint of cardamom offers a spicy depth to this fresh and revitalising fragrance. Delightfully refreshing and sultry, Gorse is summer in a bottle. 
Reminiscent of wind-swept coastal landscapes, the aroma of Samphire took its inspiration from a sprig of verbena and its' zesty, fresh scent. Verbena is blended with juniper, basil, rosemary and lavender for a fragrance that is both floral and verdant. Slowly developing into the base notes of white musk and oakmoss, Samphire results in a cool, aromatic scent evocative of the seashore that offers both complexity and longevity on the skin. 
A more exotic and indulgent scent, Tonka exudes warmth and sophistication that deepens as the day progresses. Starting with pink peppercorns, this offers Tonka both peppery notes and a light floral fruitiness. Paired with zingy mandarin and warm woodland aromatics for added richness, this captivating fragrance is finished with the vanilla-tobacco aroma of the tonka bean for a scent that's clean, elegant and complex. 
Laboratory Perfumes Scent Guide - Amber