21st November 2019 by Matthew Broughton


Black Friday Top Tips

Marking the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season, the day after Thanksgiving in the US is now more commonly known as Black Friday. Once only an American tradition, Black Friday has gained notoriety in the past few years and is now the United Kingdom's biggest shopping day of the year. For retailers, Black Friday weekend is often the time of the year that they turn a profit - going from the red into the black. Held on the last Friday of November, this year falling on the 29th November, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to get those sought-after Christmas presents and to treat yourself to a bargain or two. When unprepared, Black Friday can become a stressful situation of frantic shopping and picking up items that aren't as good as they seem in the heat of the moment. With these tips, tricks and hacks, here's how to make your Black Friday shopping experience successful and stress-free.


As notoriously covered on the news, physical stores on Black Friday can be a nightmare to navigate, with stock piled high distracting you from what you went in for and queues so long you end up wasting most of the day waiting to start shop. The easiest way to make your Black Friday shopping more of a pleasant and stress-free experience is to avoid the crowds and do all of your shopping online. As nearly every brand has some form of online presence, either through their own websites or other online retailers, it will be easy to track down those must-have gifts and brand offers - without trekking up and down the high street. Shopping online can also save on public transport or parking costs, with your shopping being conveniently delivered to your door as well. For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have the day off work on Black Friday, deals can still be had through the convenience of your smartphone on your lunch breaks or during the commute to and from work, ensuring you don't miss out on any exciting deals.


Be a savvy shopper this Black Friday by creating an online wishlist beforehand on all your favourite websites that you are likely to target for deals. This allows all your desired items to be kept in one place and you can quickly see what has gone into the sale or which items have a discount applied. This means they can be ready to go straight into your basket for a quick purchase, so there’s no risk of missing out on your most wanted items. Wishlists can be made on most online websites, and individual sizes can be saved to increase your efficiency on the day. By creating a Country Attire account, you will be able to make your very own wishlist, so you won't miss out on any of our amazing deals each day.


Signing up to newsletters and sale alert emails from your favourite brands will enable you to view exclusive offers and maybe even have VIP access to the sales first, so you can stay one step ahead. Checking your favourite retailer's social media accounts will also help you gain insight into the deals to be had on different days, and keep you in the loop with potential deals to be had. Keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages to ensure you can take advantage of our amazing sales on Black Friday.


Knowing the returns and exchange periods for Black Friday items is crucial, especially if you are purchasing items intended for Christmas presents. Always double check if Black Friday sale items have a different returns policy when compared to full price items, as some retailers may only allow an exchange or a shorter returns window - meaning well intended Christmas presents cannot be changed or swapped. Country Attire always strives to put customer's needs first, so for extra peace of mind, we currently have an extended returns period for any items purchased from 1st November - 23rd December, you will have until 24th January to send the items back to us; so any items bought over the Black Friday period can be returned or exchanged until the 24th January 2020. You can find more information on our returns policies and delivery information on the Country Attire website, or in our Customer Services FAQ's.


If you want first pick of the best online Black Friday offers, keep ahead of the game by setting an alarm to get up nice and early. Many websites will start their Black Friday deals from Midnight, so it may be worth staying up that little bit longer for your chance to beat the queues and get your shopping done early. Many retailers may also have a countdown onsite, so it's always worth checking when the deals will begin, this way you can prioritise your browsing and put yourself in the very best position of getting the most sought-after items.

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