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Country Attire Celebrate 'Buy British Day'

On the 3rd October ‘Buy British Day’ is back for the third year running after the success of previous events.

Hosted by Best of Britannia, the celebrations aim to encourage consumers to buy more British-made products.

Over 200 brands will take part in a special exhibition held over three days in Clerkenwell, London which will feature British-made art, fashion, design, food and drink with much more. Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Wayne Hemingway, has joined Best of Britannia as a non-executive director bringing his knowledge of British business:

“I decided to get on board with Best of Britannia because they are definitely onto something. The time is right for it but we need a lot more British manufacturers and British brands to support it. Britain leads the world when it comes to design. If we can make more local manufacturing ingenuity available to designers then we can go from strength to strength.”

More information can be found at the Best of Britannia website:

Here at Country Attire, we love the idea of supporting British Brands. Feeling inspired, we asked some of our favourite bloggers for their opinions on Buying British and why British Style comes second to none.

What do you like most about British fashion?

I like its tradition of military and sporting wear which has dictated the shapes and styles of British clothing and which still inspire the shapes and designs we wear today. I like the cloths and materials we use, from tweeds to knitted wool, cottons, waxed fabrics – many of which are still made in the UK. Finally, I like the fact that British fashion continues to influence the world, from the traditions of Savile Row, to the cutting edge of designers like Vivienne Westwood.

Why do you think it is important to support British brands?

Most obviously to assure British skills, jobs and manufacture from farmer to retailer, with all the benefits this brings to the economy. It is also important to show support for British creativity. At present, many British-made menswear brands are better recognised in Asian countries like Japan than at home. That needs to change and I’m sure Buy British Day will start that change.

What do you like most about British fashion?

I keep a list of suppliers of British menswear and accessories on my blog here. It’s hard for me to pick out favourites, but I love the clothes from SEH Kelly, Private White VC (made in Manchester) and Albam. Holdall & Co and Tusting make beautiful leather bags in England – there are so many British makers and designers – we should be very proud of the efforts that put into making their products.


How important do you think it is to support British brands? Why?

Oh, so important! I try to support home-grown brands (fashion, or otherwise!) wherever possible. Supporting British trade and industry always feels great, and even though it’s not always possible, it seems more personal than buying items that’ve been mass-produced overseas.

Describe British style in three words.

Eclectic, ever-evolving, and yet somehow also classic, too.

Who would you say is your ultimate British style icon?

It is so cliché and totally predictable, but how can I say anyone other than Kate Middleton? She just always gets it right! I love her elegance, her support of British designers and brands, and the fact that she looks just as fantastic in a pair wellies as she does in LK Bennett heels!

What do you like about British style?

I like, no, LOVE, that British style is so varied. Walking down the street in London you see plenty of people wearing similar outfits, but so many more people wearing bold, inventive, and unique styles of clothes. There’s playfulness about British style that I definitely feel allows for freedom and experimentation- which for me is great since my own personal style changes as frequently as the weather! As a nation I think we are and always have been a complete melting pot, and I think that shows through in our style as much as it does our food and culture.

Country Attire have our very own British brands which we’re celebrating this October. British Duffle and CO/AT….
British Duffle; a coat with its own iconic style. Originally designed 150 years ago for sailors on Royal Navy sailing ships, yet throughout the 20th century in war and peace, has found devotees in their thousands who appreciate its robust style, warmth and practicality, creating a British fashion icon recognised across the world. Today that same British Duffle coat is prized for those same qualities but now made to exceptional standards of material, cut, quality and finish. No finer Duffle Coat exists anywhere, here accompanied by Pea Coats and Reefer Jackets from a similar nautical heritage.
Mens Grey British Duffle Coat
Womens Red British Duffle Coat
As a modern day retailer, Country Attire offers the very essence of British Style to customers around the globe. With heritage dating back to 1870, we pride ourselves on combining classic design with contempory twists. Today, we craft a range of custom made garments under our very own name, CO/AT, carefully selecting the best quality fabrics and materials all designed to perform their function beautifully. Made with the same standard of care as our ancestors, you'll discover a range of timeless classics with enviable style.
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