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27 Sep 2016 by James Sinclair

A Brief History of John Smedley

Here at Country Attire we believe John Smedley and ourselves share a lot in common: we both strive to reflect the British ideals in our services, we both have a wealth of experience in the fashion industry, but most of all we both understand the value of quality. That’s why this month we are excited to bring you the chance to win a piece of the prestigious brand’s new collection.

The Marcus crew neck jumper is everything we have come to expect from the world’s oldest factory; from its strong knitted merino wool construction, to its soft, snug texture, but why take our word for it when you can try it for yourself? For a chance to win this inimitable piece of knitwear, make your way through the brief history of what makes John Smedley the knitwear brand to be wearing this year and answer a simple question based on what you have read (full details of the competition will be explain at the bottom of the article).
The Brand
Way back in 1784, Pete Nightingale and his associate John Smedley opened up the doors to their mill in the county of Derbyshire, England. At first the mill solely focused on the production of muslin and spinning cotton for the local villages, however, over time the mill began to grow and venture into all things knitwear. In these initial years, the company became most notable for its creation of fine hosiery garnering much attention for their knitted underwear trouser, which we now know today as ‘Long Johns’.

In 1803 Peter Nightingale passed away and full control was given to the Smedley family where it has since resided, continuing to produce world leading knitwear products with their iconic designs which have spanned centuries.

As was then and still is now, the knitwear juggernauts are a family company which have seen multiple visits from the royal family, various collaborations with the world’s leading designers and four generations of owners all named ‘John Smedley’.

In recent years the brand’s pursuit of quality was finally recognised, when Queen Elizabeth II presented John Smedley with the Royal Warrant of Appointment as a ‘Manufacturer of Fine Knitwear’. This has not affected the brand, however, as the quest for perfection is the main driving force behind the company and until this unreachable feat is met, they will continue working to excel.
John Smedley Men's look
The Collection
Built out of the obsession and passion their designers have for creating the best luxury knitwear, the A/W16 collection from John Smedley features a plethora of high-quality tonal knitwear pieces, Made from the finest Merino wool, cashmere and meticulously sourced cotton the brand can obtain.

From the moment the raw materials are gathered to the production of the actual garments themselves, John Smedley products undergo vigorous testing and quality inspections to ensure the high standards of the brand are met. With such attention to detail it’s no surprise that a single piece of John Smedley knitwear can take up to a year to produce and though this may seem excessive, the brand is well aware that to create something timeless, time must be taken.
The Prize
For your opportunity to win the Marcus crew neck jumper, taken from the latest John Smedley collection, please fill out the application form and answer the question found below.
This competition is now closed. Thank you for entering, please visit our Editorial homepage for the latest competitions and offers.