Wimbledon Whites: The Brands Taking Centre Court

For some, Wimbledon marks the start of summer. It’s a time for sports, celebration and with some luck sun, but it’s also a widely overlooked date on the fashion calendar. Featuring all the athleisure inspiration any one person could need, as well as a who’s who of celebrity spectators dressed to impress, Wimbledon has slowly but surely crept its way into becoming one of the most eagerly anticipated dates for fashion followers and trend setters alike.

Here at Country Attire we recognise the effect this summer highlight has had on the world of fashion. So to celebrate the coming competition, we wanted to shine the spotlight on some of the most iconic brands who have not only been inspired by tennis, but actively create their sporty styles with the kind of sensibilities which wouldn’t look out of place on the courts themselves.

Tennis ball

Crafting court side clothing since 1952, Fred Perry is the eponymous brand from the 3 time Wimbledon winner. With the original concept of creating simple, streamlined fashion which fuses practicality and wearabilitiy for both on and off the tennis court. Little has changed about the brand’s ethos since its inception, and that is why we believe it has strongly stood the test of time.

With more recent connotations within the ‘indie’ scene, Fred Perry has always found a way to reinvent itself without parting from what made the brand iconic in the first place. We particularly love the Made In England Tennis Bomber jackets in both navy and white, as this active outerwear piece leans heavily on its athleisure influence, in a way which makes the steadfast trend feel fresh and new.

Though a recent addition at Country Attire, Spring Court is a sporty heritage brand which has a history that stretches all the way back to 1936. Commonly adopted by both professional and amateur tennis players, Spring Court has been commended for their breathable, flexible and comfortable construction.

With such a rich heritage and vast range of high quality products, it’s no surprise that over the years Spring Court has racked up many a celebrity within its fanbase. With famous faces including everyone from John Lennon to Barack Obama, it’s clear to see that the minimal design of spring court’s shoes makes them the perfect footwear for all walks of life. We particularly recommend the G2 Classic canvas trainer, as its clean design has a rich history, a modern look and an all-round impressive presentation (much like Wimbledon itself).

Founded by French tennis player René Lacoste, it’s hard not to think of this sporty brand when considering what the stars at Wimbledon could be wearing this year. Lightweight with a greater freedom of movement but still maintaining the strength and high performance which contributed to René Lacoste being nicknamed the ‘alligator’, Lacoste’s popularity has cemented itself as the brand to go to when looking for clothing which is as fashionable as it is functional.

Most commonly known for their wide range of polo shirts, the L.12.12 is not only the first style the brand produced, but has also been a consistent best seller since it’s introduction to the world in 1933. Last year we praised the L.12.12 on this blog and we believe that just like the shirt itself all our points are just as relevant now as they were back then.

Wimbledon has just begun this year, so make sure to show your support to the players when you have the opportunity. Though we know sometimes it can be hard to turn away from the action, remember to give the crowds an occasional glance to see who has ‘aced’ their style.

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