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If we’re honest it’s hard to get kids excited for back to school shopping: strict uniforms, dull shoes and boring backpacks make it impossible to hold a child’s attention for longer than a second, but thankfully Cath Kidston are here to make things all-round more fun; with their bright prints, quality materials, and playful designs. Sure to garner interest from both primary school children and high school teens, our range of bags, backpacks and pencil cases (which can all be found on the Country Attire website) are certain to change how your little ones feel about the big bad back to school shop.

So today at Country Attire we plan to take you through the latest range from this iconic British brand, whilst also offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win a ‘Pets Party’ backpack and matching pencil case from the latest Cath Kidston range. Scroll to the bottom to enter.

Cath Kidston: Bags for School

Though we don’t disagree that picking a bag based on its durability and construction is a wise decision, it’s also worth noting that your child’s bag is one of the few opportunities they really have to express their personality in what they wear to school. However, luckily for both you and your child, when it comes to Cath Kidston’s range these two features don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

From the floral styles of the Holland Park Flower drawstring bag to the Safari Animals backpack, Cath Kidston offer a quirky selection of bags for transporting your children’s everyday essentials from point A to B in style and security.

Constructed from a soft yet sturdy cotton, when it comes to picking out a bag that your little one is sure to love, it’s hard to recommend a better brand than Cath Kidston.

Cath Kidston: Pencil Cases for School

A pencil case is an everyday essential for any child, whether returning after a long summer break, or starting a fresh at a new school. Give your little ones the gift of a cool pencil case from the internationally recognised Cath Kidston.

Add a splash of colour to your child’s classroom, with the Wells Rose or Walton Rose large pencil cases. A fun addition which will always be in their bag, you can be sure this is one accessory your child will not forget to take to class.

Featuring various sizes from large to small, even the most concise of these styles is more than capable of protecting your child’s favourite pens and pencils all year round. Also including durable constructions, these two accessories are more likely to survive the school year than other available cases.

Cath Kidston: Book Bags for School

With the average child’s workload growing year by year, it is becoming more common for children to have a bag designated to carrying all their books. But fret not because Cath Kidston also have you covered.

When choosing this kind of bag sturdiness and good quality is imperative, (because nobody wants the nightmare of having to find a replacement every couple of weeks) so remember to choose well constructed styles like those featured in the latest Cath Kidston range.

Featuring the minimal tote shape which has been accentuated with the various signature Cath Kidston prints, these incredible accessories are not only great to have on hand, but are alos a small addition to your child’s outfit which can leave a large impact on their organisation.

Cath Kidston: Lunch Bags for School

Striking the right balance between practical and cool, the Ballerina Rose printed lunch bag is a cute addition to any girl’s school essentials and features: an adjustable strap, and more importantly, an insulating design.

Perfect for keeping your little one’s freshly cut sandwiches just that, the Ballerina Rose printed lunch box is a favourite for both adult and child alike: no doubt set to be a best-seller this year.

With other features including, space for a name tag, easy zip fastening and a shiny cotton canvas construction, Cath Kidston have missed nothing when creating their parent and little princess pleasing lunchbox.

These are just a few of our favourite choices from our Cath Kidston collection, so if your appetite for this amazing brand still hasn’t been fully fed make sure to check out the Country Attire Cath Kidston page, where you shall find many more available styles.

The Cath Kidston competition has now ended, you can find the T&Cs here.

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