10th April 2019 by Maria Kay


Here at Country Attire, we have always been conscious of our environmental efforts. In 2018, we were acquired by Internet Fusion Group. This has helped us make some major strides forward towards our mission of fully integrating renewable energy sources in to all of our operations. In 2019, we have quadrupled our Solar PV output from 32kW to 127 kW. This upgrade allows us to offset 62 tonnes of carbon annually from the business, which equates to charging something in the region of 8 million mobile phones! We run on 100% renewable energy and, offsetting around 405 tonnes of carbon annually, preventing the CO2 equivalent of 200 tonnes of coal being burnt. This are just a couple of the ways we’ve been doing our bit to help the problems we all face with climate change… please take a look at our video for more on this story.
Solar PV Systems with Internet Fusion Group
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