Dr Martens Sandals Guide

Dr Martens Sandals Guide

Edgy yet enduringly popular, here is our guide to Dr Martens‘ best-selling sandal silhouettes, help on choosing the right size and how best to break in and care for your new sandals

Always enduring, edgy and authentic, Dr Martens appeal to unique individuals and fashion innovators with a united spirit. Those authentic characters stand out from the crowd and stand up for something. For decades, Dr Martens has always done things differently and never stands still by re-inventing classic silhouettes and not shying away from trying something new.

As we get ready for the summer months, it’s time to switch those iconic Dr Martens boots for a pair of their bold, statement-making sandals. Today we look at Dr Martens’ must-have signature sandal silhouettes and the latest additions to their growing collection – all full of unmistakable DM’s attitude and empowerment.

Dr Martens Clarissa II Sandals

One of Dr Martens‘ best-selling sandal styles, the Clarissa II sandals offer a classic gladiator silhouette, with three straps across the foot and an adjustable buckled strap around the ankle. These sandals are built to last for many summers to come with a Goodyear welted construction and comfortable, yet tough air-cushioned soles. The Clarissa II Sandals are marked by DM’s signature welt stitching, grooved edges and branded heel loops. The Clarissa II Sandals come in black classic leather, patent leather and vegan leather alternatives.

Key Points:

  • Leather options: Brando leather, Patent leather, Aunt Sally leather, Vegan leather.
  • Sole: Goodyear welted
  • Size range: UK 3-9
  • Fit: True to size – Order your usual size

Dr Martens Voss Sandals

With plenty of attitude and toughness, the Voss Sandals are a versatile choice for the summer months. Featuring a double strap across the foot and one around the ankle, two of the straps also have an adjustable buckle fastening to tailor the fit. Built on a lightweight EVA sole with a chunky ripple tread, elevated wedge height and Goodyear welted construction, the Voss Sandals are easy to wear and offer all-day comfort. The Voss Sandals are available in patent leather, hydro leather and vegan leather in black and white options.

Key Points:

  • Leather options: Hydro leather, Patent leather, Vegan leather.
  • Sole: Goodyear welted. Lightweight EVA sole.
  • Size range: UK 3-9.
  • Fit: If you are between sizes, we recommend ordering the smaller size. 

Dr Martens Voss Quad Sandals

A contemporary re-work stacked with plenty of attitude, the original Voss sandal silhouette is also available on a towering Quad sole. The lightweight platform soles make a sartorial statement, whilst remaining suitable and comfortable enough for everyday wear throughout the summer. The Voss Quad Sandals are crafted from PU coated Hydro leather for added water resistance, and come complete with sleek black metal buckle fastenings and signature yellow welt stitching.

Key Points:

  • Leather options: PU Coated Hydro leather.
  • Sole: Lightweight EVA sole.
  • Size range: UK 3-9.
  • Fit: True to size – Order your usual size. 

Dr Martens Voss II Fluffy Sandals

Loud, bold and ready to make a statement, the Voss sandals have also been given an additional restyle. The Voss II silhouette features a new cross over strap design across the foot with a faux Milo fur finish and sits on a lightweight, Goodyear-welted Ziggy sole. The Voss II Fluffy Sandals are finished with hydro leather straps around the ankle with adjustable black metal buckle fastenings and the signature yellow welt stitching.

Key Points:

  • Leather options: PU Coated Hydro leather & faux fur
  • Sole: Goodyear welted sole. Lightweight EVA sole.
  • Size range: UK 3-9.
  • Fit: True to size – Order your usual size. 

Dr Martens Gryphon Sandals

Reinventing the Open AirWair sandal from the Dr Martens archives, the Gryphon Sandals are a unisex gladiator-inspired silhouette. Crafted from Brando leather, the full-grain, waxy texture only gets better as the leather ages, developing into a worn-in vintage look. Adjustable wide leather straps across the foot and two buckle fastenings deliver the perfect fit. Built on Doc’s iconic air-cushioned, Goodyear welted soles, the Gryphon Sandals are finished with silver rivet studs, grooved edges and tonal heel loops.

Key Points:

  • Leather options: Brando leather.
  • Sole: Goodyear welted sole. 
  • Size range: UK 3-11.
  • Fit: True to size – Order your usual size. 

How to Break In Dr Martens Sandals

Most styles of Dr Martens sandals will require some level of breaking them in, although this may take some time due to the rugged durability of their Goodyear Welted constructions, it will be worthwhile to ensure your new Dr Martens sandals deliver all-day comfort without any rubbing or irritation. 

The more you wear your sandals, the more the straps will eventually stretch and become softer, making them much more comfortable. Although most sandals offer a true to size fit, if you do find yourself between two sizes, choose the smaller size – the fit should be snug but not uncomfortable.

Before wearing your new Dr Martens sandals outside, wear them around the house with a pair of Dr Martens Double Doc Socks. The doc socks will protect your feet as your sandals are broken in. The Doc Socks also have additional padding in high friction points such as the ankles and heels, and also have a blister protection system and arch support for superior comfort. To begin with, wear your new Dr Martens sandals around the house for 1-2 hours at a time before wearing them out for the day. To speed up this breaking-in process on real leather sandals, we recommend using the Dr Martens Wonder Balsam to help soften up the leather, especially in areas that are prone to rubbing. 

How to clean Dr Martens Sandals

With the right care, your new Dr Martens sandals will last for many summers to come. After wearing, we recommend first cleaning away any dirt with a damp cloth and allow the shoes to dry. For patent leather sandals, restore shine with the Dr Martens Patent Cleaner. For full-grain leather sandals, condition and protect the leather by applying the Dr Martens Wonder Balsam with a sponge. 

Another helpful product to keep your Dr Martens sandals looking their best is the Ultra Protector Spray, which provides a protective layer against stains, dirt and UV damage on any colour leather and suede uppers. Simply spray product in thin even coats, leave to soak for 10 minutes and wipe away any excess. 

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