Introduction to Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Brands

Introduction to Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Brands

Written by: Jemima Glentworth

In recent years, consumers have become more conscious of their purchasing habits and are now actively buying into brands whose values align with their own. Many are turning away from fast fashion consumerism and instead opting for more timeless, well-made pieces that will last for many years to come from sustainable and eco-friendly brands. At Country Attire, we want to make shopping sustainably easy, which is why we have specially curated a list of our sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands. Discover more about how our top sustainable brands are reducing their environmental impact; from using eco-friendly and recycled materials to adopting more sustainable manufacturing methods and reducing their waste and carbon footprints.

LSA International

A family-run business dedicated to the art of craftsmanship, original design, and sustainability, it is no wonder LSA International are a leading brand in handmade glass and tableware. Inspired by the potential of their materials and the way people live, LSA International meticulously design their products to work flawlessly in the environments in which they are used. Sustainability plays a key part in the brand’s manufacturing process, by integrating recycled glass into their collections and using only responsibly sourced wood that meets the highest environmental and social standards. An excellent example of the brand’s unique and thought-provoking designs is the LSA International Polka Tumbler Set and LSA International Pearl Tumbler Set, sure to add vibrancy and colour to your dinner party décor.


TROY London

Lovingly named after the house the two founders were raised in, sisters Rosie van Cutsem and Lucia Ruck Keene established TROY London with a shared devotion for rural life and timeless, elegant design. Committed to using only the highest quality materials from British mills and the best craftsmen in British manufacturing, TROY London can maintain a low carbon footprint, support British businesses, and ensure all garments receive impeccable care and attention.

TROY London is best known for its selection of premium outerwear that is not only tastefully designed but is made to last for many years to come, transcending any short term trends. TROY London only manufactures garments in small batches here in the UK in order to not overproduce and cause any unnecessary waste. As equally sophisticated as it is stylish is the TROY London Heathland Coat, designed using premium fabrics and trims that were chosen for their quality and sustainability credentials. Offering a sublime blend of style and function, the TROY London Parka Wax Jacket was created to accompany you on a lifetime of wet and windy days, just team it with a pair of quality Wellington Boots for the perfect puddle splashing ensemble.


Bullards Gin

A name that has been synonymous with Norwich for over 150 years, Bullards Gin boasts a manufacturing history spanning six generations and to this day remains a family run business. In this time, Bullards Gin has been fine-tuning the intricate flavours of its aromatic gins, resulting in multiple awards, including the World’s Best London Dry Gin and Distillery of the Year. As well as producing delicious spirits such as the Coastal Gin and Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin, Bullards Gin has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint by exploring new ways to reduce waste, such as recycling old packaging and offering Eco-Refill Pouches of its famous gins. The innovative creation of the Bullards Gin Pouches take less energy to produce, transport and deliver compared to the standard gin bottles, and on free return to the distillery, the pouches will be recycled free of charge. Now that is something to “Cheers!” to.


Colorful Standard

Bursting onto the scene with a mission to create long-lasting wardrobe staples for everyone to enjoy, Colorful Standard is dedicated to producing sustainable essentials that never fall out of style. The brand’s simple and effective designs are created using only the best in raw and organic materials, reducing the need for pesticides and harmful chemicals, therefore resulting in minimised greenhouse gas emissions. As well as using high-quality sustainable materials, Colorful Standard produces all their garments in Portugal, adhering to strict European Labour Laws that enforce fair working conditions and wages. The extensive range of environmentally-friendly colours available is a celebration of diversity and inclusion, so whether you are a soft lavender, sunny orange, or seaweed green, there is a Colorful Standard garment for everyone.


Monokel Sunglasses

Oozing sleek Scandinavian style, Monokel Sunglasses are the chic and sustainable alternative to other high-end sunglasses on the market. The unisex brand was founded by Fredrik Sävenberg and Robert Sandgren, two professional snowboarders and filmmakers with a natural understanding of what makes effortlessly cool eyewear. A vision in all black, the Monokel Neko Sunglasses‘ handmade frames are constructed from premium plant-based acetate and feature Carl Zeiss Vision® lenses, one of the world’s leading eyeglass manufacturers. If you prefer to view the world through rose-tinted lenses, why not try the Monokel Polly Sunglasses, a fun and eco-friendly eyewear option for fashionistas with an adventurous taste.




Banish single-use plastic from your kitchen cupboards and experience a sustainable way of cooking, drinking, and eating with W&P‘s products. Designed to introduce a positive impact into your life and the world around you, founders Josh Williams and Eric Prum create products using responsible manufacturing practices, eliminating waste, and supporting their sustainable partners. With the W&P The Porter 20oz Water Bottle you can eliminate the need for plastic bottles with this stylish drinking vessel, crafted from durable borosilicate glass and silicone, tough enough to withstand a healthy on-the-go lifestyle. Accompany your reusable water bottle with the W&P 34oz Porter Storage Lunch Bag and W&P Utensils Set for the ultimate packed lunch accessories.


Salcombe Gin

Inspired by the ocean and the idyllic coasts surrounding the distillery, Salcombe Gin is dedicated to producing outstanding gins whilst supporting efforts in preserving and protecting the ocean environment that influences its distinctive flavours. Salcombe Gin is also partnered with seagrass restoration projects and donates 1% of its profits from the Start Point, Rosé Sainte Marie and New London Light sales to support marine conservation. Furthering their commitment to sustainability, Salcombe Gin has eradicated plastic packaging, replacing it with biodegradable alternatives that are kind to the environment, working towards a cleaner and safer seas. With options like these for more sustainable sipping, that is something we can all toast to!


Nudie Jeans

For over 20 years, Nudie Jeans has been chasing a dream of becoming the world’s most sustainable denim brand. With this ambition and drive, Nudie Jeans has been producing all its denim with 100% organic cotton, as well as rigorously exploring new sustainable fabrics and fibres to continuously decrease their environmental impact. Nudie Jeans do not just focus on the denim for sustainability, they ensure everyone involved receives a fair wage and working conditions; from the labourers in the fields picking the cotton to the factory workers, designers, and people in head office. Committed to providing you with a denim second skin, Nudie Jeans also offer free repair services and repair kits, so you can hold on to your favourite pair of jeans for many more years to come.

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