How to Care for Your Wax Jacket

How to Care for Your Wax Jacket

A staple in any modern wardrobe, wax jackets are sophisticated, versatile, and ideal for year-round layering, thanks to their protective and functional constructions. Thanks to their timeless design and versatility, a wax jacket will remain a firm favourite in your outerwear collection for many years to come and can be adapted to wear in all weather conditions, all year round.

It is important to know how to properly look after, clean, and maintain your wax jacket to get the most out of it and ensure it stays looking its best. This ensures your wax jacket not only retains its’ waterproof qualities and resistance to abrasion but keeps it looking like new year after year. With the right tender loving care, a classic wax jacket is sure to become your reliable go-to for everyday commutes and outdoor adventures.

Whether you have just invested in a new wax jacket or have had one for many years, here is everything you need to know about prolonging the life of your wax jacket and keeping it in the best condition possible. We have covered all your wax jacket care FAQs below, from the do’s and don’ts on cleaning your wax jacket, to how often you should reproof it.

Barbour Classic Wax Jackets

How to clean a wax jacket

Cleaning your wax jacket does not take long, and you will only need a dry brush and wet cloth or sponge. If you wear your wax jacket often, we recommend taking the time to clean it every season, four times a year. However, if you wear your wax jacket less often, cleaning it twice a year should be sufficient.

Begin the cleaning process by using a dry, soft brush to get rid of any dried dirt on the wax jacket exterior. Make sure to brush every area of the jacket, in particular under the arms and cuffs. Next, gently spot clean the jacket with a wet sponge or cloth saturated with cold water to remove any remaining dirt and marks. While spot cleaning, try your best not to get the exterior too wet. Hang up the jacket and leave it to air dry naturally before storing away.

Can you machine wash a wax jacket?

NEVER! Under no circumstances should you put your wax jacket in the washing machine (even on a gentle cycle) or use any detergent to clean it, as this will completely strip your jacket of its protective wax coating forever. This will result in your wax jacket losing its waterproof properties and resistance to abrasion. Avoid this situation by ensuring you only use cold water to spot clean the waxed outer if required.

Can you dry clean a wax jacket?

Unfortunately, you cannot dry clean a waxed jacket, as the chemical process used in dry cleaning will permanently damage or remove the protective wax coating. Again, this will affect your wax jacket’s ability to resist water and abrasion when worn. Keep your wax jacket in perfect condition by only dry brushing away dirt and spot cleaning where necessary.

Rewaxing a Barbour Wax Jacket

How often should I rewax my jacket?

After a while, you may notice your jacket is becoming lighter in colour, this means that it may be time to replenish the wax coating by rewaxing your jacket. Rewaxing your jacket regularly ensures that your wax jacket keeps in as good condition as possible and retains its water and abrasion-resistant properties. We recommend rewaxing your wax jacket once a year to retain all of its functional properties and prolong its life.

How to rewax a jacket

Re-waxing your jacket every year is the best way to keep your wax jacket in optimum condition for as long as possible. To rewax your jacket, you will need a tin of thornproof wax, a small pan or bowl of warm water, a sponge or cloth, and a hairdryer (optional).

First, you will need to soften the wax by placing the tin in a pan of warm water, and then apply the wax to an old cloth or sponge. Using the cloth or sponge, apply the wax to the jacket in sections, paying close attention to seams, dry patches and creases. Blasting the jacket with a hairdryer afterwards will also help to achieve a more even finish. Once finished, hang the jacket up and leave it to dry for a day or two before wearing it.

For detailed step by step instructions, read our complete guide on How To Rewax Your Wax Jacket at Home. If you own a Barbour wax jacket, alternatively, you can send this back to Barbour’s South Shields factory to be professionally re-waxed or repaired. Please see Barbour’s Repairs & Rewaxing page for more details on the after-care services available.

Rewaxing a Barbour Wax Jacket 2

How to store a wax jacket

To keep your wax jacket protected, we recommend hanging your wax jacket up in a cool and dry place. Avoid storing your wax jacket in a warm area, directly in the sun, or above a radiator, as this may melt the wax coating and affect the jacket’s weather resistance and appearance. Making sure your wax jacket has naturally dried before storing it away will also avoid your jacket developing a damp smell.

Wax jacket do’s and don’ts

  • DO always refer to the manufacturer’s care instructions first
  • DO dry brush and spot clean your wax jacket at least twice a year
  • DO only use cold water to spot clean your wax jacket
  • DO rewax your jacket once a year
  • DO allow your wax jacket to fully dry before storing or rewaxing
  • DO store your wax jacket in a cool dry place
  • DO NOT machine wash your wax jacket
  • DO NOT use soaps or detergents on your wax jacket
  • DO NOT dry clean your wax jacket
  • DO NOT iron your wax jacket
  • DO NOT store your wax jacket in direct sunlight or by heat sources

By following these simple care instructions, your wax jacket will be able to retain all of the functionality and practicality that they are most famous for. By looking after a wax jacket properly and keeping it in top condition, you will be able to enjoy wearing it in the great outdoors for many more years to come.

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