Unity with Alistair Guy | Paul Smith

Unity with Alistair Guy | Paul Smith

We recently caught up with renowned British fashion photographer and style aficionado, Alistair Guy, at his latest photography exhibition at Bingham Riverhouse.


Combining two exhibitions into one, “Strong Women” and ‘English Rogues” celebrate a sense of unity within London. Originally photographed back in 2016, “Strong Women” celebrates femininity and women of all ages & backgrounds, including a wide range of subjects from the world of fashion, film and TV, such as the world’s oldest supermodel, Daphne Selfe.

In stark contrast, “English Rogues” celebrates Britain and the “English Pirates and scoundrels who helped build it”, featuring actors and rockstars who embody the rebellious yet lovable rogue persona. Combining the two exhibitions together draws on the concept of Unity and brings the contrasting nature of both exhibitions closer together.

In our latest video in collaboration with Paul Smith, Alistair gives us an exclusive insight into his exhibition, as well as an insight into his life as a creative, where his passion for photography began and his eclectic sense of style.

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