Aligne is a universally loved brand that is thoroughly appreciated by IFG’s sustainability mission, as it supplies irresistibly sophisticated, timeless and modern garments crafted to build the foundations of a versatile, chic and planet-friendly wardrobe. With sustainability, longevity and ethics at the forefront of their brand mission, currently over half of Aligne’s collection is produced with the future of our environment in mind and designed to last for years on end. They are currently working around the clock to ensure that 80% of their collection is completely sustainable by 2022. So far, they have swapped regular cotton with organic cotton, viscose with innovative EcoVero™ and they utilise recycled polyester rather than regular. The simple act of being more mindful when selecting their fabrics means that they have already limited the pressure placed on water sources, reduced the number of toxic chemicals and GMO’s polluting our land and poisoning our water, whilst reducing their overall carbon footprint. Aligne is a brand that has begun to pave the way for the future of the fashion industry, yet at the same time refuses to stint on the chic style and immense durability of their clothing pieces.