The title "Aquascutum" originates from the Latin for “water” and “shield”. In 1851, John Emary founded the clothing company in London England, and just two years on he constructed the first waterproof wool fabric. As we all know, British weather is temperamental and often dreary. John Emary therefore designed yet another first; the raincoat, in order to protect the wearer from the elements. Aquascutum had the goal of demonstrating that it is possible to look good while living in the city, no matter the weather. They went on to produce the much acclaimed trench coat. This was chiefly meant for the British military, but it has since become a fundamental garment even for the 21st century wearer, bringing together style and functionality. Emary did not just provide the trench coat to the British forces, but went on to supply famous clients, from Sir Winston Churchill to the Queen Mother; Michael Caine to Sean Connery. Aquascutum use the finest materials combined with expert craftsmanship to design elegant yet practical clothing. This is a classic British company who regard fashion as ‘modus vivendi’, a way of life.