In 1963, in a small town in Sweden, the inspiration for Fjallraven was born. This inspiration took the form of young Åke Nordin a curious boy who enjoyed exploring all the miles of roaring coastline, meandering forest and striking hills that Sweden has to offer. Åke aspired to make the joys of his adventure accessible to all, a passion that remains at the heart of Fjallraven to this day. The first Fjallraven backpack came from humble beginnings, in Åke’s family home and was designed to blend comfort, space, style and function. Fjallraven has since grown to become a trusted companion for outdoor adventurers globally which in the process has not lost sight of its purpose: to inspire more people to spend time in nature. With their reliable backpacks that are functional and stylish alike, Fjallraven successfully does just that. Their designs are thoughtful and timeless and exist in harmony with nature. Fjallraven is always looking for more sustainable solutions to their work so that we can continue enjoying the outdoors for years to come. Within our collection, you can find the classic Fjallraven kanken backpack, proofing wax, and reliable jackets in a variety of styles, all intended for life-long wear.