There's one thing that we at Country Attire insist on, and that's a complete service for our customers, so while we supply the world's best outdoor clothing, it's important that we also supply the world's best products to maintain these top quality brands throughout their long life. So Nikwax is the answer; a range of high performance weather and water proofing products for every conceivable fabric, leather, hat, boot, bag, tent, jacket and coat. Nikwax is approved by our top brands as they manufacture high quality cleaning and waterproofing products prolonging the life and enhancing the performance of clothing, footwear and equipment. Nikwax products are water-based, non-toxic, safe to use as well as environmentally harmless without propellant gases or fluorocarbons. How Nikwax Works - To minimize contact with a nikwax treated material, water beads up. - When force is applied, such as rain hitting the surface, water droplets distort but won't enter the fabric. - Water resists contact with the water repellent fibres and moves back to the surface.